O'Brien: Clemson has 'premier speed'

RALEIGH - Tom O'Brien discusses the effect of the weather on practice this week and the upcoming game against Clemson.

On how the weather changed practice
"We missed something every day because of the weather but that's the way it is."

On handling Clemson's speed
"Premier players, premier speed – they've done a great job at trying to find ways to get them the ball and you have to be aware of where they line up. Hopefully we can be smart enough to figure out what they are trying to do. We can't get into one-on-one situations with them because if we do we will lose."

On the injuries
"Sometimes things happen and you just coach who shows up. Each Tuesday we go out there and figure out who we think will be playing and just do the best we can each and every week."

On practicing indoors at the tennis facility today
"We were out there in it all day yesterday and all day Tuesday. The field is just, as it went on it got worse. When the rain goes sideways you can do that for one day but I didn't think we couldn't do it three days in a row."

On moral at practice
"They've been fine in practice. No complaint whatsoever about their intensity, enthusiasm, them paying attention. They are trying to do the right things and we are fighting through this."

On Spiller
"As I said earlier we have to create situations where we have him surrounded because if we give him one-on-one situations he's too good for us – he's too good for a lot of people. So we have to keep him surrounded as best we can, understand that he's great out of the backfield catching the ball too. You have to be aware of where he is on punt and kickoff formations."

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