Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Head coach Sidney Lowe met with reporters following the Pack's 69-53 win over Georgia State.

Sidney Lowe

"He got a couple of them which I thought were soft... there are certain fouls he can't get. We'd rather him get those where he is aggressive inside."

"He came back in and did a good job for us."

"They went even smaller and tried to force us to match down to them, but we didn't do that. We stayed big and just had to guard them."

"With Jordan I was pleased. He really affected a lot of shots in there. Guys were coming at him and he got a couple of blocks."

"We got a couple of easy baskets and that was the difference."

"We had to pick up the intensity."

"I thought Julius was outstanding. Both he and Javy were put in a situation where they had to play together tonight... he did not want to come out of the game. He knew we needed him in there to finish the game."

"I wasn't pleased with Farnold's effort academically. He's eligible, that's not the problem, but I have rules academically for this ballclub and if guys don't meet them then they can't play. That's just the way it is. All of them know it and he understood it."

"I think you saw some of our youth. We're really a very young team in terms of numbers... you saw that. At times it will be fine. I thought the veteran guys kept control."

"I was very pleased with the defense. This team can score. They have guys that can play and are very experienced. That's always dangerous."

"I wanted more running, more easy baskets, more easy postups for our bigs... we did run when we needed to and got a couple of easy baskets."

"These guys are really close."

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