PC: Spencer, Young Meet the Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Owen Spencer and Willie Young met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game against Virginia Tech.

Owen Spencer Audio

"If they did give up they would have given up already."

"Right now we have a lot to fight for and everybody knows that."

"We want to go out and play again and finish up the season real well so everyone can be on the same page at the end."

"These are their last two games."

"He's a freakish athlete. He's a fast tight end I would say. He's a physical specimen... can run, jump, strong hands."

Willie Young Audio

"As long as we're breathing, we've got something to play for. One another more than anything else... we all have one another to play for."

"My goal is to come out these last two weeks and continue to lead by example."

"I'm excited about the young guys... getting out there next year. I know they are just going to light it up."

"Rashard is down for the remainder of the season and he came in... tremendous athlete. He would have been at corner. Jarvis Byrd is at the other corner. Two lockdown corners right there... you've got C.J. [Wilson] out there playing ball. At the safety position you have Brandan Bishop, he's back there making plays."

"All of those guys are back there making plays. Once and a while they make the wrong read, a bad check or something like that but you've got to expect that when you have guys flying around... it happens. Getting that experience is only helping them."

"Jeff Rieskamp is quick, he's fast, explosive, strong. I feel like he would have had a major impact coming in."

"Sylvester Crawford... I tell you what. He's one of a kind. He's energetic. I watch him in practice on the scout team, he's flying around. He has coach Bible cursing him out every other player or so about just wrecking things. He's a great athlete... he's a freshman right now, and I think he's way ahead of a lot of guys in terms of being I guess the next Willie Young in a way."

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