Wilson: 'They Fly Around and Make Plays'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State sophomore quarterback Russell Wilson met with the media Tuesday morning to discuss Saturday's game against Virginia Tech.

What were some of your goals coming into the season as far as what you wanted to work on from year one to year two? How do you feel like you've done with those?
I definitely feel like I've improved in that aspect of the game, going through my progressions and hitting the right guy and trying to give my team the opportunity to be successful each and every down.

Is that the main thing for you? Going through your progressions? What about that did you work on?
I feel like I did a pretty good job understanding the offense my freshman year but I know the offense now like the back of my hand. Each and every week with different styles of defense and knowing things pre-snap. Also, just playing the play. Reading my spots and hitting the right guy.

Is your dad going to be at the game this week?
I'm expecting him to be... we'll see what happens. Hopefully he will be. He came to the Clemson game so I'm sure my mom will take him up there for sure.

Can you talk about Jarvis Williams and the chemistry you guys have on the goal line?
Jarvis is an excellent receiver and he loves to have the ball in his hands. He has a knack for catching the ball. He knows how to get open and he works every day at it. Every time we run a play, a run play or a pass play, a hook route or an out route, he works hard at it.

Is there something particular with him around the goal line?
Nothing particular. I trust going to anybody down there but it's just I guess he gets open the quickest maybe. I don't know. I feel like if the offensive line gives me enough time we have a lot of people to go to.

Has it set in that there are only two weeks left in the season?
I know that. I have to look at each opportunity as the biggest opportunity of my life and get excited for it. But don't get too excited about it. You just have to prepare and understand the situation and try to get better each and every time I step on the practice field. And then on Saturday realize it's another opportunity to try and seize and excel in.

What about Virginia Tech's defense impresses you the most?
They fly around. They've always been the type to fly around and create turnovers and everything. You have to give them credit. They have a great coaching staff and a great defensive coordinator. They are intense. They fly around and make plays. I'm excited to go up there and play them.

How well do you know Tyrod Taylor?
I don't know him that well actually. I know he's from the Virginia Beach area and he's a great quarterback. I'm excited about playing the defense though. I can't stop Tyrod, I'm not out on the field playing defense, but I hear he's a great guy in general.

With the bowl game out of reach now, what do you guys use to motivate yourself?
It's another opportunity to play football. So many people in the world wish they could get out on the field and step into Blacksburg on that field and have an opportunity to play. Every time I get the ball in my hands I feel like the most blessed person in the world.

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