PC: Williams, Floyd Meet the Media

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Julian Williams and Bobby Floyd met with the media on Monday afternoon to discuss the Pack's upcoming game against North Carolina.

Julian Williams Audio

"I just heard the news a few minutes ago and as far as the offense, it means a world to us. He's a good guy, as fa as character and when it comes to play calling he's the best so. That's a big blow us but he has other things he needs to take care of and we'll take care of football."

"It hurts a lot, it's a big blow to us. Just the way he goes about things. He's always going to have you prepared. He doesn't take any shortcuts."

"Not only are we playing for the seniors but for him and his family. It's huge for us and it's going to be huge for the team."

"This game means a bunch to me. I'm from North Carolina and N.C. State - North Carolina has always been a big rivalry and with what we did to them last year they are going to come in pumped up. We gotta bring it to them."

"This pretty much is as a bowl game for us right now, especially for the seniors. It's your last game and it's against Carolina so it might as well be that bowl game atmosphere."

Bobby Floyd Audio

"This is tough news to hear. I don't work as closely with Coach Bible as some of the offensive players but he's such a fiery personality on the field that you couldn't miss him. You know he's a family man and this has gotta be tough news on him and his family. I'm just sorry to hear it."

"Coach O'Brien was updating us on his situation and they weren't very detailed. I don't think he knew very much information and he was passing along what he did know. The team was worried about him and we definitely noticed him not being there."

"I'm sure this will be the kind of thing that will motivate us. Guys are going to want to play harder for him. It's tough. I know the offense and a lot of guys are close to him. He spends countless hours with these guys and I'm sure that the offense is going to want to perform just like he's there. He's such a live personality that even when he's not there things are echoing in their heads."

"Walking out of the stadium in Blacksburg our fans were chanting beat Carolina. That's a testament to what this game means."

"It's a huge game. It's a huge game to me. When I came in here as a freshman I didn't realize how it was. Until I actually played the first time I didn't realize it. It's the biggest rivalry game I've played in. It's a full seasons worth of bragging rights."

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