PC: O'Brien Updates Bible's Status

RALEIGH, N.C. -- At today's press conference, NC State head coach Tom O'Brien discussed the upcoming game against North Carolina with the media. He also updated the status of offensive coordinator Dana Bible, who missed the Virginia Tech game with an illness.

Tom O'Brien Audio

"First thing, Dana Bible has cancer. It's called acute myelocytic leukemia. He has leukemia. Found out Friday so he Friday night was transferred to Chapel Hill cancer center. That's where he is now. He has 30 days of treatment and at the end of 30 days we'll know where we go from there. It's certainly not a good situation."

"When he got there Friday night they told him he'd be there 30 days and they would try to knock it out. It's shocking to everybody. When he walked into my office Friday he certainly didn't look good. I talked to him Friday night when we got to the hotel and he was waiting for the ambulance to take him to Chapel Hill."

"Part of his strength was that he never missed a game or practice for 34 years and he said he's be out Saturday morning and drive up. I said you go do what you have to do. He's a tough old guy and he'll fight it. If he has a chance to beat it he'll beat it."

"For family reasons they wanted to wait to say anything until today. I told Russell and Michael this morning and I'll get the rest of the guys this afternoon. They were both shocked but I think they understand how tough a guy he is."

"We went to the same high school. Actually, he's a little bit younger than I am so I've known him. My brother in law lived with Dana when he was coaching at Cincinnati. I've known him through the years for a long, long time."

"We tried to do the best job we could on Saturday but it was a tough situation going to Blacksburg. Jay Civetti, who was a GA here and is now at Tufts, he has the best knowledge of our offense. We can hire him temporarily just to help us get through this week. We'll try to put a game plan together the best way we can and go play on Saturday."

"The thing with them is that we're playing the same guys we've played for three years now. Nine of the guys who were freshman two years are all juniors now. With the exception of two guys we've seen the same faces for three years. The schemes are the same, they are playing better and playing with confidence. It's an NFL defense."

"We were the state champs last year so it was a matter of fact."

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