Wilson: ‘They Are a Very Strong Family'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Russell Wilson held his weekly press conference Tuesday, and the sophomore quarterback discussed the upcoming matchup with North Carolina and the news on offensive coordinator Dana Bible with the media.

Talk about Coach Bible and what you thought when you found out about what had happened. How do you feel about it?
You know, I feel bad for his family and everything but I know they are a very strong family and Coach Bible has raised their kids very well with Mrs. Bible and I just believe in my heart he'll get through it.

He's a strong fighter and he's really motivated me and inspired me in my life outside of football. And I know he's inspired a lot of other players in the past and in the present.

I just want to say a prayer for their family every single moment I get and I know they will get through it.

Inside of football, what makes Coach Bible a good coach?
He knows the x's and o's and he understands what the defense is trying to do, also just the little things. He's a perfectionist, and I love that about him.

If I throw the ball a little bit high he wants me to put it right on the numbers or if I throw it a little low he wants me to put it right on the numbers or if I don't make the right decision he makes sure I know. I think his perfectionist type attitude is a positive for our football team.

Do you remember the score of last year's game against North Carolina?
41-10 I think. I can remember some other ones too probably but that's last year. It's another big game for us and them and it's obviously a rivalry game. I know we're both going to compete hard and it should be a great game. It's going to be a great atmosphere here in Raleigh.

What stands out about their defense? Coach O'Brien says they have a lot of NFL-caliber talent. What do you see from them in particular?
They have a great front and great linebackers as well. They can run really well and they are active. They make plays. Their secondary creates a lot of turnovers so that's the thing with them. When we come out on Saturday we just have to be nice and calm, cool and relaxed and just play our game and execute the offense. That will help our team a lot.

How important will it be to hang onto the ball?
I know that we're not a turnover-type team on offense. We don't like to turn the ball over, that's not our character and not the way we play so we have to fix that immediately. We're going to focus on that obviously this week but you can't be timid and back on your heels. Turnovers will happen because they have a great defense and we have a great offense so we just have to keep playing smart football.

Do you have any sort of time frame on when you will make a decision about your future? Will you wait until baseball season?
I'm not really worried about that right now. I'm focused on trying to win this game and playing the best I possibly can. After that we'll take one day at a time and I'll keep my faith in the Lord and continue to pray for Coach Bible and my family and worry about that situation when it comes.

Not worry about it, but make a decision when it comes later. I know the Lord will take me in the right direction. Whatever it is I think it will be the right decision for me.

How much is preparation different for you this week? Coach O'Brien brought in Coach Civetti to help get through the week. Has that changed things a lot?
Nothing changes at all. We're going to have the same mentality, same focus, and same meeting times. Nothing really changes for us; we'll have a little more prayer in our closet for Coach Bible and his family. It's so much more than just football when you're thinking about Coach Bible.

Coach Bible is in Chapel Hill so there is not a lot of contact? Have you tried to get in touch with him?
I haven't yet just because I know so many people are trying to get in touch with him and his family so I kind of want to relax there but I've talked to his son Logan.

I'm pretty close with Logan at times so I talked to him on the phone and through text messaging and stuff and just let him know I'm there for him if he or his family needs anything if I can help at all.

What was the reaction from other people on the team once everyone found out about Coach Bible's situation? Could it be some sort of a motivating factor against Carolina this weekend?
It's definitely sad for a man like him but at the same time it's almost like a positive in the sense that you know he's so strong and he will continue to fight no matter what it is and you truly believe in your heart that he'll be fine. Everything happens for a reason.

There are a lot of things that go into this game. We're not in a bowl game, it's a rivalry game and also with Coach Bible being sick and stuff that's a lot of motivation just right there. But at the same time you have to play your game and not do too much. Just let the game come to you and just play it the right way.

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