Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Head coach Sidney Lowe met with reporters following the Pack's 69-52 win over New Orleans on Sunday afternoon.

Sidney Lowe

"Once we started to really execute and take what was there we played better offense. We had a couple of times where some people forced some shots inside and we had people on the perimeter open. Once we [recognized] that we knocked down some 3s."

"The tough part is getting bigs to understand if you throw it out early you'll get open inside later."

"We needed to get Richard in there and get him some action. At this particular time we knew that conditioning would be a question but just getting out there and getting some play was good for him as well as for us."

"I'm preaching the same thing I've always preached but you have to have it from within. You have to have your guys to really believe in each other and believe in the system and what we are doing. And that's what they do."

"These guys are a little quiet here, so they do it collectively. They enjoy it, they hang together they go out together. They do things together, and that's different than the other teams."

"Farnold and I talked today. There are a couple of things that are looking good right now and we'll see."

"To win games on this leave you have to defend people. We try to set a goal with field goal percentage against and I think we hit that again today."

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