Moore Talks About Visit to NC State

Pack Pride has the latest from Raleigh (NC) Southeast standout Kendall Moore after his weekend visit to NC State.

Southeast Raleigh (NC) LB/DE Kendall Moore thought he had it all figured out and was ready to end the grueling recruiting process last July when he committed to Notre Dame over NC State, South Carolina and Florida State among others. However, the firing of Irish head coach Charlie Weis threw Moore a curve ball and he’s spent the last few weeks exploring his options in the event things don’t work out in South Bend.

This past weekend Moore made an official visit to NC State. The Pack has been a constant throughout the recruiting of Moore and have made it clear how important he is for their recruiting class of 2010. The 6-3, 230 pound senior talked with Pack Pride about his trip and how it went.

“Everything went well,” said Moore. “I had a good time. Basically, I saw a different side of everything that was there. It was a good visit.

It was fun hanging out with the guys and meeting up with the coaches again. I went out with the guys Friday and Saturday night. I saw the dorms and everything. I don’t think I could see much more because I feel like I’ve seen every piece of State. Terrell Manning hosted me on my visit.”

Moore admits that the wear and tear of recruiting can be overwhelming at times but he knows time is winding down and need to make a final decision must come in the not so distant future.

“It gets stressful and just the advice I’ve been given now is to basically figure out what I want from a school. Just coming out of Raleigh, I need to figure out which school I want to go to, exactly what position, whether I want to be far or close.

“I just need to decide all that myself because what I’ve been told, when I take all these visits, every visit is going to be like the best thing ever because every school is going to highlight what they have. It’s more about what I want. So I’m just going to keep talking with my parents and try to figure that out and start making a decision soon because I’m running out of time.”

Given his size and athleticism, Moore potentially projects at a number of positions and ironically, seems fine lining up and playing any of them.

“Right now I like playing outside linebacker and defensive end,” said Moore. “I played that the majority of the year. I played a lot of end. I’m pretty raw at that but I think with coaching I could be pretty good at that but I don’t have much technique. Right now, I just go after the quarterback.

“But at linebacker I have a little more technique. I came up playing that all throughout my high school career. But when I played defensive end this year I was successful so I saw a different side there and I liked it and feel like I could excel at it. I just have to figure out how my frame is going to fill out.

“Also, tight end- I like tight end a lot. I talked a lot with coach Bridge and he was joking around with me all weekend telling me how he wanted me on the offensive side of the ball.”

There had been some question about where NC State, in particular, projected Moore to play. However, the Wolfpack has cleared those questions up completely.

State wants me at defensive end because that’s where their needs are. They told me that if I come in I’m going to play end because they’re really short and they believe that with me getting with coach Willis, with my athletic ability, they could coach me up to be a real good defensive end. I definitely like that.”

So where does that leave Moore now in the recruiting process and where does he go from here?

“Basically, I’ve got a wait and see approach. I haven’t talked to coach Kelly or any of the new staff at Notre Dame and I’m kind of waiting to hear from them and where they’re coming from. I’m just planning to go from there.

“I was planning on going to Florida State but coach Amato, he’s no longer on the staff and he was the only coach I talked to from there. I think I’m probably going to take one or two more visits and they’d be to South Carolina because coach Lawing, me and him have a real good relationship and maybe Carolina but I haven’t decided on that one yet.”

Moore is rated a three star prospect and the No. 16 middle linebacker in the nation by

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