Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Head coach Sidney Lowe met with reporters following NC State's 89-67 win over UNC Greensboro.

Sidney Lowe

"I thought we came out better in the second half and our defense was much better. We were much more aggressive on the ball."

"I thought we executed against their zone very well in the second half... we got wide open shots and obviously we had some guys knock them down."

"I wasn't really pleased with that. I was pleased with initially how we came out, but I thought we lost our concentration a bit and relaxed."

"We sort of relaxed a little and they took advantage of it."

"It's something we have to get through and it's one of those things we talk about."

"To be a good ballclub you have to learn how to win... when you're up you've got to learn how to turn the screw and really put the nail in them."

"That's just going to be all year long... these teams aren't laying down. They are going to come at you."

"That's what we've been trying to do. It's not quite the Denver Nuggets when they used to run, but we are, we're trying to get more pass into the ballgame. I think it gives us more opportunities... I don't want to come down and grind, set up and run an offensive set. You have to get easy baskets... part of that is doing it on the defensive end."

"We just did a nice job. I thought our guys really moved the ball well and found the right guy."

"He was walking without the crutches so that was a good sign. Now we just have to see. I told him I expect him back in a day or two."

"He was in a layup drill and was running wide and ran off.. the floor there is a drop off there. There was a piece of carpet pulled over and he thought that was still the floor. He stepped on the carpet and twisted it."

"He was much better in the second half. We had a discussion at the half... I displayed my feelings on how he played the first half, and he came out and responded. Which is what I expected him to do. He's a solid, solid guy and you can tell him how you feel. He takes it to heart and played a much better second half."

"I think a lot of it... knowing his role, knowing his job, more experience. It's hard to replace experience in this game, it really is. It's hard to put a pricetag on it. When you've played it and played against these good players, all of a sudden the game slows down to you in your mind and in your eyes... you're able to make decisions a little easier. When he came in as a freshman, the game was moving so fast he couldn't tell whether he was throwing to our guy or one of their guys. Now it's slowed down for him and he's in total control of the game."

"I felt I could count on Scott before he started shooting well. I kept saying he's going to come out of it at some point. He's a good basketball player, a good shooter. I told him to not stop shooting... no question about it, him making shots is big for us. It gives us the opportunity to stretch the defense even more."

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