Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Head coach Sidney Lowe met with reporters following the 87-70 win over Holy Cross.

Sidney Lowe

"We shot 91% from the free throw line. That's one good thing. I'll get that out right now."

"I don't think we came out early in the ballgame the way we would like to, but I thought we got it going a little bit."

"Farnold, Richard, Julius, those guys came off the bench. Josh... those guys came off the bench and gave us great energy... Jordan. All five of those guys played well for us."

"We came out in the second half and our defense was solid, holding them to 36% shooting for the game, again our defense was key."

"I'm very happy that we could bounce back and get a win. We all know that was a tough ballgame for all of us but you've got to move on."

"Just the guys working... guys working at it.We're up on the ball a little more now. I think we feel we can do that a little better... we feel comfortable with it this year. We have a little more experience and a couple of more pieces."

"I think we're a little deeper now in terms of personnel... not really afraid of getting a foul."

"I'm not in the business to try to get guys minutes. That's not my job. It's their job to get their minutes. I've always told them, if you're playing well and deserve to play then I'm going to play you. It's not important who starts, it's who finishes the game. Tonight was one of those situations where Julius was playing well, the team was going well, he wasn't tired, and we left him in the ballgame."

"They know me, that's how I am. That way, I don't like them coming to me looking at me cross-eyed when I take them out the ball game. I took you out for a reason. Either you're not defending, you're not rebounding, you took a bad shot, or you turned it over. You earn your minutes. It doesn't matter who gets them to me, we just want to win ballgames."

"Javy was fine. He cheered for Julius, he may have enjoyed having a little time off."

"I liked his defense, I liked his composure. I liked his leadership in terms of running what we were trying to do. He just played an all-around good game."

"Those two guys together, they were excellent."

"Farnold has actually played well the last three or four ballgames. He's really given us that boost we've needed. He's given us that guard we're trying to move towards, a two-guard who can handle the ball, get to the basket, create, and take pressure off the point guard. He's able to do that, and what he's doing really well is do it under control."

"He's been defending, rebounding. You look at the numbers from the last few games and he's been productive in several areas."

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