Crisp Enjoys Army Bowl Experience

North Carolina State recruit Robert Crisp participated in the United States Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio last week. Crisp, from Raleigh (NC) Athens Drive, looked good all week, both in practice and in the nationally televised game. Bill Greene spoke with Crisp about his time at the USAAAB, and his commitment to the Wolfpack.

Robert Crisp showed why North Carolina State is so excited to have him in their 2010 recruiting class, last week in San Antonio. Crisp played for the East squad in the United States Army All-American Bowl, and might have been the best offensive lineman on his team.

"This week has been fantastic for me," Crisp said. "I got to go against these great defensive linemen every day in practice, and that really helped me prepare for college football. Everybody goes at it really hard every single day and you have to be ready to be at your best, or you will get embarrassed. The coaches for the East told me I've been doing great all week, and I'm excited to be a starter in the game."

Crisp has not been specializing in football all that long, after originally seeing himself as a basketball player.

"The transition from basketball to football has been kind of tough, but it's gone well, and I know I made the right decision," he admitted. "My footwork is pretty good and I attribute that to playing basketball. I'm 6-foot-8, 315-pounds, which is perfect size for an offensive tackle, but pretty common for a basketball player. I know football is the best sport for me, and I think I can get a lot better at the next level, because I take coaching well."

Crisp has been committed to the Wolfpack for several months, and knew all along he would be headed to North Carolina State.

"To be honest, I knew all along I would be going to North Carolina State, but I wanted to check out some other schools to be sure," he admitted. "I love North Carolina State because it's close to home and the coaching staff is great. I know some of the guys on the team already, and I'm looking forward to joining them. I'm very close with the coaching staff at North Carolina State, and think they will be the best people to make me a better player."

Although he was hoping to enroll early and go through spring football, that was not possible after transferring high schools before his senior year.

"I intended to enroll early, but after transferring to Athens Drive it wasn't possible," he stated. "I wanted to go through spring football, but that won't happen, and that's fine. I will be there in June, and that will give me time to be with my friends at my high school before heading off to college."

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