Winkles: 'The Chemistry is Definitely There'

Pack Pride talks with Thomaston (GA) Upson-Lee fullback Logan Winkles after his weekend visit to NC State.

After taking his official visit to NC State this weekend, fullback Logan Winkles is as solid as he has ever been in his commitment to the Wolfpack.

Winkles, a 6-1, 245-pound fullback from Thomaston (GA) Upson-Lee, spoke with Pack Pride on Sunday. He made the trip to Raleigh with his family, and everything seemed to be going well for everyone.

"Yes sir, we're still in Raleigh," Winkles confirmed. "We've been here since Friday. We just got done with the official visit but I think we're going to stay an extra day. We'll be leaving sometime (Monday) in the morning."

Winkles went on to recap his schedule for the weekend.

"They've definitely been feeding us," he laughed. "I've gotten plenty of that. We toured all the campus and went through all that stuff. We had academic meetings with the tutors and the academic support (staff) at the college. After that we just got to know the players and everything."

NC State used a past fullback and Georgia connection to host Winkles while on his visit to Raleigh. Colby Jackson is a freshman from Dublin, and he was in Winkles exact position not too long ago. The staff thought the two might get along because of their experiences, so Jackson was Winkles' host for the weekend. Apparently it was a good pairing.

"Oh yeah, we had a ton of fun. We hung out a lot," he said of Jackson and himself. We went to the basketball game between Clemson and NC State, which was actually a great game. We had a ton of fun just talking and cutting up. The whole time with those guys was just a bunch of fun. The chemistry is definitely there."

Another one of the highlights of the trip for Winkles was the opportunity to talk to all of the coaches. He has kept in touch with them over the phone since committing to the Pack, and even before then, but spending time with your future coaches in person is always an important opportunity.

"I talked to pretty much all of the coaches there. I talked to coach Willis a lot. He tries to act like he's going to beat me in wrestling. I talked to coach Reed, coach Mac (McCollum) and coach O'Brien pretty much every time I got a chance to. I talked to coach Swepson as much as I could.

“Right now they just want me to focus on (playing) fullback. I'm working closely with coach Swepson on that, and we watched some film on my official visit. He's just been giving me the low down on the fullback position."

Winkles plans to arrive at NC State in June.

Pack Pride Scouting Report: "Of all the film we've evaluated this year, Thomaston (GA) standout Logan Winkles has some of the most impressive we've seen.

"Winkles is all over the field, whether it be from his linebacker position or tight end spot on offense. With his long hair, hard-nosed playing style and non-stop motor it's hard not to think of former Boston College standout Jamie Silva.

"The most impressive aspects of Winkles' game are his body control and the feeling he'd run through a brick wall for you if asked. He consistently crushes defenders while on offense and shows absolutely no fear of contact.

"On defense, he moves extremely well for his size and shows good redirection to fight through traffic and then drive through the ball-carrier. You know he's laying the lumber just by the number of fumbles caused in his video.

"For NC State, Winkles would likely project at fullback and with his blocking skills, high-intensity, and all out style, makes for an interesting prospect for the Pack." -- Pack Pride Recruiting Analyst Steve Williams

Jr. Film: #87 TE Logan Winkles - Offense -

Jr. Film: #87 LB Logan Winkles - Defense -

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