Crisp, Singer Enjoy Official Visit to State

Pack Pride has feedack on Rob Crisp and Pete Singer's weekend visit to NC State.

Raleigh (NC) Athens Drive teammates Rob Crisp and Pete Singer Jr. took their official visits to NC State over the weekend, and Pack Pride has the latest on how things went for the duo.

When Pack Pride caught up with Peter Singer Sr., the father of the younger Singer and the guardian of Crisp, he said that his two kids were worn down from a long, exciting weekend and were taking a nap. Nonetheless, the elder Singer had plenty to say about the trip from his own vantage point.

"We just got back from the official visit," Singer said. "It went real good. There were a lot of good kids up there. We were the last to leave. The parents had functions, dinners and things like that, and the kids went off with host football players -- guys that are older. They had the campus tours, dinner and stuff like that. It was fun for me, getting to meet the other parents and recruits."

Parents and recruits alike have all given head coach Tom O'Brien excellent reviews after visits, and Singer is no exception. He told Pack Pride that O'Brien is just the kind of coach that he wanted to hand his kids over to.

"The NC State coaching staff is absolutely first-class. They're wonderful people," he said. "Every one of them. You want your son to be with a quality coach and a dignified man, and that's the place for it.

"I'm not saying other places aren't like that, but in my mind it's rare to find that in a lot of programs. There are a lot of other things that go on in the football world and he runs the program well. It went well with all the guys there this weekend. I think there were some guys that are still trying to decide (on a college), and I hope they all choose State.

"Overall it's all good news. They both had a great time."

Crisp is a five-star prospect and ranked the No. 5 offensive tackle in the nation according to Singer, a two-star prospect, is ranked the No. 107 safety in the country.

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