Lowe, Pack Preparing for Duke

RALEIGH, N.C. – Sidney Lowe met with the media today to discuss his team and the upcoming game against Duke.

Sidney Lowe

Thoughts on Dennis Horner:
Dennis is doing okay, he's doing alright. He rested again yesterday, but he'll go to today.

He'll play, definitely he'll play.

Thoughts on talking with Horner and Javy Gonzalez about their play against Clemson:
I made it known to them personally how I felt about that. I think they got the point, but the most important thing is for them to understand what they mean to this team.

We don't really have a large margin of error so we pretty much need everybody to play well because you don't know when you're going to have a guy have a big game like Scott did... you need all your pieces to be clicking.

The most important thing is how you bounce back from that.

Thoughts on Duke's post players:
They are big, physical... agile... just aggressive. They are very active in there and capable of getting it done. Constantly around the glass, they do whatever they have to do to get a rebound.

Can you talk about Scott Wood's defense?
His feet are quicker than what people think. It helps him to get in position, but I think what's really good about him is he understands his opponents and understands his assignment. He remembers his assignment. Obviously if you're quick or strong that helps, but being a good defender is simply knowing what your opponent likes to do and not allowing him to do it.

Thoughts on how his team has bounced back from closs losses.
You don't find that often in I guess a young team... these guys have been very resilient... they've found a way to just come back and go after it. I'm really proud of that. It shows that they are together. It shows that they believe in each other.

Those guys are the heart and soul of their team. The thing about those guys is they go hard.

Thoughts on Julius Mays:
I never worry about Julius mentally. He can not play in a couple of games, but I never worry about him not bouncing back, not being ready, or not trying harder. That's who he is.. now all of a sudden he's in there at the end of ballgames, in there when we're winning down at Florida State.

He's a smart basketball player and he understands his strengths. I'm proud of him, and he's going to continue to get better and learn how to be effective with what he has on this level.

Needing Mays and Gonzalez to both play well...
In order for us to win ballgames we need consistency from both of those guys... we don't want that dropoff. That's the one position, if you had to pick any, could really affect your team if you have a big dropoff, the point guard position.

Thoughts on Scott Wood's shooting ability:
He can shoot the ball from wherever he wants. He just can. Some players have that privilege. Now, I'll tell Scott to take good shots, but when I say anywhere... him on a break.

Thoughts on the Duke-NC State game:
Duke players don't brag... it's a game, a lot of respect. My best friend is a Duke grad... David Henderson and then Johnny [Dawkins]. Those are my two best buddies. I talked to David this morning, watched Johnny's game the other day. They don't brag, they really don't. If Duke beats us, then they are very humble... if we beat them, they say you guys played well. That's pretty much it. They don't brag. We don't get into it like that.

It's a big game. You're playing against a top team in the country... a win over Duke is huge. We know they think the same thing. Part of that is the geographical locations of this.

Like I said, you go to get your paper in the morning and you'll have a Duke fan on your right and a Carolina fan on your left. So you send a dog out to get your paper if you lose. If you lose, you've got to have a smart dog.

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