Locker Room Report: Wolfpack Players

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Several NC State players met with the media after the Pack's 88-74 win over No. 6 Duke.

Scott Wood

"Huge... they played about as hard as they can."

"I don't think we really talked about it."

"We wanted to play as hard as we can... we'll take what the defense gives us."

Tracy Smith

"We kept our composure... we made them play the way we wanted to play."

"I just thought he was way slower than me, but I could jump over him."

"I faced up and just went to the basket."

Javier Gonzalez

"We were very happy for our coaching staff and the school period. They've been supporting us for the whole year."

"I wasn't fully into that game... I had problems outside of the court and I wasn't concentrating. I apologized to the team."

"We tried to run a ballscreen late, but everyone was kind of too close. They switched a big on me... I just decided to pull it."

Farnold Degand

"We knew we had to make some plays on defense."

"We feel like we can drive on virtually any team."

"It worked out for us."

Dennis Horner

"We made shots when we needed to."

"They were trying to switch some and then they got confused."

"They were worried about Tracy inside and it frees you up sometimes."

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