Pagan Has a Busy Schedule

Pack Pride catches up with DE Jeoffrey Pagan, a talented defensive end for the class of 2011 who already boasts several big time offers.

As one of the top prospects in North Carolina for the Class of 2011, it's not as though Jeoffrey Pagan needs to raise his profile.

College coaches are already well aware of what Pagan, a 6-4, 235-pound prospect from Asheville, NC, can do. This past fall he recorded 53 tackles, 11 tackles for loss and around 14 sacks, and that was all while playing a new position.

In previous years Pagan had lined up at wide receiver and linebacker, but in the fall he made the switch to defensive end. Given his frame and improving strength, it seems he is best suited to come off the edge in the college ranks, so the move should prove beneficial over the long haul.

"Since I moved to end it was really a building process for me," he told Pack Pride. "I'm just learning right now. It's all about speed for me, so that's what I'm working on. Speed is so important for defensive ends, so that's what I'm focusing on."

Asheville finished 11-1-1 on the year, and Pagan was pleased with how the team performed. He believes they far exceeded the expectations of most, but he was disappointed in how they lost in the third round of the state playoffs.

With the season over and his new semester starting, Pagan has been able to turn some of his focus to recruiting. He has a busy schedule ahead, and he might not even be finished making it.

"I believe on the 30th of this month I'm going to South Carolina. I don't know when NC State's junior day is but I should be going to that. On February 13, I'm going to Florida. On the 20th I'll be at Clemson, and the next week I'll be at Georgia. Those will all be junior days. Junior days are pretty much all I'll be doing."

With offers from NC State, North Carolina, Florida, Duke, Clemson, Wake Forest and plenty of others, Pagan isn't worried about whether he will have enough options to choose from. Already at this early stage the focus is on gathering information so he can compare schools when the time comes to make his decision.

"Coach Keith Willis visited to show he was interested. I met him down at an unofficial visit to NC State when they played UNC. I thought the game was a lot of fun to watch. The facilities are really nice," he said emphatically. "I found out we have a lot in common when we talked."

Look for Pagan to rated among the top five players in the state when rankings are released later in the year.

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