Hunter Has Lofty Goals

NC State commitment Fre'Shad Hunter talks about his future at NC State.

To say these last few months have been difficult for Fre'Shad Hunter would be an understatement. Rated a four star prospect and the No. 29 defensive tackle in the nation by, the 6-4, 250 pound defender had lofty expectations for his senior season but those plans were derailed due to off the field issues earlier in 2009.

Even now, Hunter wants to keep all of that in the past and focus, instead, on his future career at NC State.

"I really don't want to bring up last season," Hunter told Pack Pride. "Things really didn't go too good from a coaching standpoint and from a player's standpoint. From my point of view it just wasn't a good time. I just don't want to go back over it."

While Hunter remains a solid verbal commitment for the Pack, he probably still has some work to do on the academic side of things.

"Right now I've got to make a push this last semester of my senior year with grades," he said. "I have to push my grades up this last part of the year. I'm working on getting a high SAT score and I'm working on pushing my grades up. This is my last semester of high school and I'll never go back and live it again. I've got to give it all I've got."

Though a lot is still up in the air, Hunter and his family are hopeful that things will work out after a lot of hard work.

"If I'm able to get into NC State next year ... if everything goes well and God answers my prayers, I'm going to stay humble but my goal would be to be the ACC Rookie of the Year for defense. That would be my goal starting out. I'm going to have a chip on my shoulders.

"NC State stood by me pretty much through the whole process this last season I had. With the issue that happened with my season ... with me not finishing the season, they stayed in close touch. Coach Archer kept in touch with me.

"I've been thinking about this for a while now. All the coaches up there have kept in touch. I talked about Signing Day with them a few weeks ago. I think I want to do it with some people around. I want to make it kind of big and put my name out there."

Hunter said LSU and East Carolina have persisted in sending him mail and letting him know they are interested, but he remains fully committed to NC State.

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