Signee Diary: Ryan Harrow - Entry No. 3

NC State signee Ryan Harrow is doing a weekly diary for that will focus on the remainder of his senior year. In this week's entry he talks about the loss to Wheeler, a big mid-week win, and much, much more!

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    NC State signee Ryan Harrow is doing a weekly diary for that will focus on the remainder of his senior year. In this week's entry he talks about the loss to Wheeler, a big mid-week win, and much, much more!

    Sunday, January 24 (8:30 P.M.)
    Yesterday we played Wheeler, and it's always a big rivalry game for us. The crowd was great... I thought it was a great atmosphere to play in (highlights at the bottom of this diary entry). We were hyped up and came out playing hard.

    "It doesn't really matter because we lost."

    We ended up losing the game, but I think it was a learning experience for us. We saw what we had to work on... things we've got to do better. I know rebounding was big.

    We didn't rebound well at all and it hurt us. We'd get stops, but they just kept getting three or four attempts at it. I think we probably would have won if we just rebounded better.

    Individually I played a pretty good game. I had around 32 points, but it doesn't really matter because we lost. I mean that's our main rival, they are right down the street from us.

    I didn't get to watch the Maryland game because we were playing at the same time. I saw that we lost though, but I can't really say much about the game because I didn't get to see it.

    I was hoping I could make the Carolina game, but we play that night. I didn't think we had a game on Tuesday... actually my mom had already booked a flight for me, but we have a game so I can't make it.

    All I know is we beat Duke so I feel pretty good about our chances against Carolina. If everybody just steps up like I know they can I think we can get the win.

    Tuesday, January 26 (4:00 P.M.)
    I have a game in a few hours against Lassiter... I think it will be a tough game. We've had some hard practices though so I think we're where we want to be at this point.

    We can't underestimate anybody from this point on and have to take each game serious because we need to win them all. The way it looks we still have six more regular season games. We want to win them all, but we have to win five of the six to get one of the top seeds in the tournament. That's what we're trying to do now, be one of the top seeds because that will give us a better chance of making it deep into the tournament.

    I've been working hard on my game and trying to get better. I'm starting to feel like I'm almost back from getting over the flu that I had. I did lose some weight, you can tell, but the thing with me is I can eat whatever I want so I've been trying to each as much as I can. Keeping food in me and drinking a lot of fluids has helped me stay healthy so that's what I've been trying to do.

    State plays Carolina tonight, and I'm hoping I'll get to watch some of it after my game. They play at nine so hopefully my game will be over in time to watch it.

    I wanted to make that game so bad because I know the atmosphere is going to be crazy, but I have my own season to play and things to take care of here. We still have a lot of goals left to accomplish.

    It's good knowing though that next year I'll be playing in games like State-Carolina and State-Duke.

    I can't wait.

    Thursday, January 28 (9:30 P.M.)
    We got the win against Lassiter 85-68... that was big. I thought in that game I played like a point guard is supposed to play. I really didn't have to score that much because my teammates were hitting a lot of shots and it allowed me to pass and make plays.

    "I'd rather be a
    pass-first point guard."

    I know I had 27 points for the game and someone told me afterwards that I had 15 assists. It was fun playing that way... just creating shots for myself and others.

    Most of the time my team needs me to score. It's just the situation that I'm in right now. A lot of people probably don't realize it, but I'd rather be a pass-first point guard that gets a lot of assists.

    I remember when I was younger the coaches used to have to force me to shoot. Back then all I wanted to do was pass the basketball. With my high school team not everyone can score so I just took on more of that role because that's what I need to do for us to win games and compete at the level we want to compete at. I feel like when I get to college I'll be able to score but also create and make plays for my teammates like a true point guard is supposed to do.

    Next up for us is Campbell... we play them back-to-back tomorrow and then on Tuesday. I don't know a lot about them, but they won at Wheeler by one point so they have should be pretty good. They are not ranked in the state or anything like that, but they beat Wheeler so I think they can play... we can't take them lightly.

    I didn't really get to watch much of the game against Carolina, but [Word of God coach] Erasto [Hatchett] went and told me they played well for most of the game. He said they just needed some more help and we're hoping that me and Lorenzo can come in and add some more help next year. Erasto was talking about how great the atmosphere was and how much he enjoyed the game.

    C.J. [Leslie] was there again with him for that game too. He's been going to a lot of State games. I know he still has to make his decision, but like I always say, I still think he's going to come [to NC State].

    I also heard from Erasto that I didn't make the McDonald's All-American team. I'm not going to lie, that was one of my big individual goals, but I'm kind of used to it now. I guess it's like not making the Elite 24. I can't worry about any of that.

    I'm at the gym right now with my trainer putting in the work. It will pay off for me in the long run... it just gives me some fire to keep working and keep proving myself.

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