Class of 2010 Breakdown: Offensive Line

Pack Pride breaks down the offensive linemen NC State signed in the class of 2010.

Offensive Line


- Mikel Overgaard...6-6, 280 pounds...Snow College, Weiser, ID

- Rob Crisp...6-7, 300 pounds...Athens Drive High School, Raleigh, NC

- Torian Box...6-3, 295 pounds...N Clayton High School, College Park, GA

- Andy Jomantas...6-7, 260 pounds..Chaminade-Julienne High School Dayton, OH

Did the Pack meet their needs based on sheer numbers and landing primary targets: C

The Pack missed on: Robby Havenstein (Wisconsin), AJ Cann (South Carolina), Jack Deboef (Purdue), TJ Leifheit (UNC), Khamrone Kolb (Penn State)

Pack had to work the hardest to land: Rob Crisp

How many may the Pack target for the class of 2011: 2-3

Position Breakdown (Note- the information here is solely the opinion of Pack Pride and should be considered for discussion purposes only)

Mikel Overgaard

Strengths- very well-rounded athlete...Overgaard moves well in a small space and is fairly agile...gets a solid push at the line and goes to the whistle...doesn’t shy away from contact and his frame should allow him to add size and strength over the coming months

Weaknesses- To become a well rounded offensive tackle, Overgaard will likely need polishing in pass appears run oriented and as a result, Overgaard will need to refine his technique in the passing game as well as adjusting to the speed of division one defensive ends coming off the edge

Academics- already enrolled

Impact in 2010?- Arriving at NC State from junior college, Overgaard will likely be looked at closely to contribute depth at either guard or tackle in 2010. Whether he sees action and how much may be determined by how he performs in the passing game.

Andy Jomantas

Strengths- Jomantas is a late bloomer and the key word with him is probably upside...has a long and lanky frame that is just now filling out but should fill out to the 280-290 range with time...moves well given his size and his foot speed is likely his biggest asset right now.

Weaknesses- Jomantas is new to the offensive line after playing primarily tight end and defensive end...needs to greatly improve strength, especially in lower body...likely to need a couple of years before he’s ready for prime time.

Academics- qualifier

Impact in 2010?- redshirt is likely

Torian Box

Strengths- Box plays offensive line the way a defensive tackle would attack the opposition...extremely strong, Box is able to dominate defenders with his natural ability...plays with a high motor and gives 100% consistently...looks to maul, particularly in the run game...could play guard or center

Weaknesses- Box will come to State basically as a blank sheet of paper....needs to learn all-around technique as an offensive lineman and stop relying on strength alone...extremely raw in pass protection...needs to do a better job of bending knees and playing lower

Academics- unknown

Impact in 2010?- redshirt is likely

Rob Crisp

Strengths- prototypical, future NFL-caliber offensive tackle....tremendous frame but still has a ton of upside physically...tremendous balance, use of hands and redirection in pass protection...uses hands well and with long wing span, can be nearly impossible to get around

Weaknesses- perhaps due to his height, Crisp struggles getting low and consistently generating drive in the run game...has played almost exclusively in spread offenses so will need fine tuning in the run game.

Academics- qualifier

Impact in 2010?- Crisp is one of the few freshmen that could end up playing a huge role before the 2010 season is complete. With the status of RJ Mattes up in the air due to injury, Crisp could see action sooner rather than later.

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