Signee Diary: Ryan Harrow - Entry No. 4

NC State signee Ryan Harrow is doing a diary for that will focus on the remainder of his senior year. In this week's entry he talks about the letter the submitted over the weekend, passing the 2,000-point mark, his team's recent games, and much, much more!

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  • Signee Diary: Ryan Harrow - Entry No. 4

    NC State signee Ryan Harrow is doing a diary for that will focus on the remainder of his senior year. In this week's entry he talks about the letter the submitted over the weekend, passing the 2,000-point mark, his team's recent games, and much, much more!

    Saturday, February 13 (9:30 P.M.)
    We were supposed to play Wheeler last night, but we didn't get to play them so it was moved to Monday. We've been playing more with each other and that's important because Wheeler is going to be a tough game.

    It's big too. If we win that game we'll be playing Kell in the first round of the Regionals, but if we lose we play Milton, and they are ranked No. 10 in the nation. It's big that we come out and get that game... it's at Wheeler and the atmosphere will be crazy. Their fans are nuts so it's going to be a great atmosphere.

    I didn't get to watch a lot of the Carolina game today because I'm in New Orleans on a trip with some friends. I wanted to have some time off so I came down for the weekend. It's been a good experience because I've never been down here before.

    It was crazy seeing the houses with how they were messed up from the flooding... it shows me how fortunate I am. We've been to some of the parades too which has been cool.

    Monday, February 15 (6:00 P.M.)
    I want to talk some about the letter I sent to James yesterday. I actually started the letter before going down to New Orleans but didn't get too far. What happened was I got up Sunday morning and had been thinking about the forums so I finished the letter. I wanted to put down my thoughts and let Wolfpack fans know how I feel.

    I look at the forums all the time just to see what the fans have to say, and lately I saw that they were making disturbing comments about Coach Lowe. It seemed to me like some of the fans were just giving up.

    It just looked like some of the fans didn't have the coaches and player's backs. I mean I know most of the outcome will come on the coach, but when it comes down to it the players have to go out and play. I feel like the coaches help you win the games, but at the end of the day we're the ones out there playing, not the coaches.

    "I feel like the coaches
    help you win the games."

    I didn't think it was going to be such a big deal. It was mainly that I felt like stepping up and saying something because I wanted to stick up for Coach Lowe and all the real Wolfpack fans. But all of the attention, I wasn't expecting any of that.

    I talked to Coach Lowe after it was posted because my mom had called him and told him that I wrote a letter to the website. He told me that he never heard of a player doing something like that for a coach, and he was proud of me. He said he knew I was special all along, but it was reassuring to him to know the kind of person I am.

    Well, we play Wheeler in a little while, and I'm just going through my pre-game routine. I know this is a game we've got to win because we need a better seed for the Regionals.

    Tuesday, February 16 (8:00 P.M.)
    We had another tough loss for us against Wheeler last night. Everybody was playing well in the first half, we were leading some early in the game, but got down by three. I came out and started cramping in the third quarter, and it seemed to take a turn for the worst. We went down by over 20 in the third, but in the fourth we were able to cut it down to five. We had some momentum but then one of our players got a double technical foul and that just changed back the momentum.

    I only took a limited amount of shots in the first half... my first three shots were two 3-pointers and a layup. Wheeler was running a box-and-one and had two and three guys on me when I drove so with my teammates hitting shots I kept feeding it to them. That's been how we've had to play a lot... since Kinston about every team we play runs some kind of box-and-one or something like that every game.

    In the fourth quarter when I came back in I had three or four and-ones and hit a pull-up three-pointer, but it wasn't enough. I think I finished with 33 points and six or seven assists.

    I found out right before the game that I made the All-Region team and was named Co-Region Player of the Year. I don't know yet when we find out about all-state or any of that, but I was glad to make the All-Region team.

    I also went over 2,000 points for my career in the game. I knew about it this year, and I found out right before the game that I was only eight points short of 2,000. That's a big individual accomplishment for me. As a freshman I averaged around 10 points and as a sophomore it was right around 16 a game, but I missed a lot of time with a broken ankle and had to sit out a lot of the season after transferring back to Georgia.

    Last year I averaged 27 points a game and this year I'm right around 32 or 33. It's good to know that no one at Walton has scored that many points in their career, and I also have already set the school assists record. I don't know if it's going to happen, but it would be real cool if I ended up having my jersey retired at the school. I already had my jersey retired in middle school so that would be great if it happened at Walton too.

    "It's going to a tough game."

    With the loss to Wheeler we've got to play Milton tomorrow. The thing about it is a lot of people think it's really not fair how the tournament is set up. Six teams in our region are the top six teams in the state, and some regions have teams that haven't even won a lot of games make the playoffs. A team that is a No. 1 seed in one of the regions, Meadowcreek, we beat them by almost 30 points.

    Milton is the No. 1 seed and the top team in the state... I think they are in the top 10 in the nation. I think they've only lost two games in-state, and if we beat them tomorrow their season is over. That's what is crazy about our playoffs, you have to win your first region game to advance to the state tournament, so either us or Milton will be done playing basketball at the end of our game.

    It's going to a tough game because they are real good and have been playing together for a long time. We have to be on our game, but I think we'll be ready. We know they are going to try and play a box-and-one on me so we're going to be ready for that. I feel like if we just play well we can win the game.

    Thursday, February 18 (9:45 P.M.)
    We lost to Milton so our season is over. It was tight for most of the time... we were down by only two at halftime and playing much better defense. We were moving the ball around and taking good shots.

    In the second half we started having too many turnovers. They switched up to a 1-3-1 defense, and it kind of took me off the ball. I thought I played well, I know I had 24 points, but I'm not sure of the assists.

    Milton's just a real good team. I mean they have probably four or five high-major players on their team so they are talented and one of the best teams in the country. Still, I think if we played our best we could have beat them.

    It hasn't set in yet that I've played my last high school game. It's kind of weird to think about being done with high school basketball at Walton. I haven't decided which all-star games I'll be in yet, but I'm going to play in those and start getting ready for next year.

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