Lowe Looking for Leadership

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Sidney Lowe discussed the team's lack of vocal leadership during his weekly press conference on Friday.

With just a few games remaining on the schedule, Sidney Lowe is still looking for vocal leadership.

After going over the film of NC State's loss to Maryland, the thing that stood out to Lowe was how quickly his team got discouraged when the game tilted in the Terrapins favor.

"I showed them the film of our body language two minutes into the second half," Lowe said. "No one is really talking to each other."

"It wasn't [being] tired, we had a nice rotation going. It was more not having someone to pull the guys in."

Most of the talking all season long has been coming from the bench. Lowe can often be heard whistling, yelling and pleading with his players from the sidelines.

"I'm the one verbally talking and that's a major factor," Lowe said. "You need someone to turn around and get guys together and pump them up."

Lowe pointed to one particular instance in the game when Scott Wood made a steal and converted in transition. He expected the team to be energized by that and vocally talking about getting another stop and another fast break. But none of that happened.

"It's the personality of some of our guys – and I'm not saying you need a rah-rah guy but you need someone other than the coach that's right there in the trenches with you to get you going," Lowe said.

That's not to say there isn't leadership among his players, Lowe said. The fourth-year coach pointed to Dennis Horner, who has played through various injuries and ailments all season, as a player who has led by example as opposed to vocally.

"That's his way," Lowe said. "He doesn't like to come out because of an injury – he will play hurt. I think other guys see that – but that's his way of showing his leadership."

Lowe had worries about someone emerging as a vocal leader as soon as practice began, a concern he voiced to the media during his first press conference of the year. Back in October he was optimistic that one of his players would evolve into the role.

"I was concerned but I was hoping that someone would emerge," Lowe said.

No one has, though, leaving the Pack rudderless at times on the court even as Lowe tries to direct from the bench.

"Most teams have a guy or two that get the guys going," Lowe said. "Vazquez does that for Maryland."

But despite being mired in a losing streak and unable to find any consistency on the court, Lowe remained optimistic on Friday. He told reporters that morning practice had gone well, praising his team for their ability to bounce back.

"This group will not allow themselves to be down. They'll be hurt after the ball game but the next day in practice they'll be back."

NOTE: Howell Improving
Lowe said that Howell participated in practice on Friday but did not do any contact activities. He was able to ‘get a few shots up' but his status against Wake Forest is unknown.

"He shot a little bit today," Lowe said. "It's definitely better than it was but it's going to be a game day decision."

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