Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

RALEIGH, NC -- Head coach Sidney Lowe met with reporters following NC State's win over Wake Forest on Saturday afternoon.

Sidney Lowe

"I thought that was one of our best games for two halves on both ends really, defensively and offensively."

"We did something we've been having trouble doing and that was make a couple of shots when the other team makes a run."

"I thought we had great energy all game long, guys diving on the floor, hustling."

"A lot of guys played great for us. C.J. was great for us and Dennis played well. I thought Javy was really under control and ran the show for us."

"It was a great effort and a good win for our ballclub."

"I didn't want to wait for the TV timeout and have that lead go all the way down to one or something like that. It was more or less to break their momentum and try to execute a play and get us a basket... it got close there where we only had one left because we had to take another to get the ball in bounds.

"I just didn't want to allow the lead to get down too far. I wanted to give us a chance to regroup. We'd deal with the lack of timeouts later on, but I didn't want to lose the game right there. I thought our guys came out refocused and played well."

"We talked more today to each other than we have all year. That's a form of leadership and it was more as a team. I thought Javi was good. I thought he got us into our stuff, but we had several guys. C.J. was really, really good verbally. He was really talking to guys about keeping our focus and getting another stop. I thought Javi was good from a standpoint of getting us into our sets."

"It was from several guys, and that's what we've needed. We don't have that one guy, but we need everyone to think the same way."

"In the last game we did it in the first half and didn't do it in the second half... we didn't settle today. We were determined to keep the movement going and keep the ball moving, and we saw the results. We got open looks and we made them."

"Some relief? Absolutely. Are you kidding me? Absolutely. That's all I can say. When we've been struggling as we've been, and like I said, our guys want it so bad. I've said it all year that we lose a tough game and the guys come back the next day in practice and not let it get them down."

"I'm glad that something good happened for them. All the work they are putting in and the positive attitudes they are keeping, I'm glad the shots are going down."

"We tried to get back. We wanted to try and have all five guys back if we could and try to keep him out of the lane."

"It's been tough for [C.J.]. Coming out starting and then coming off the bench, that would be frustrating for any player, but he's not allowed it to affect his work. He comes to practice everyday and works hard. He's always positive, even when he's down. You won't ever hear him say anything negative about not playing or not getting a shot."

"He was the one today that was vocal. He was the vocal guy in the locker room. At halftime not only did I remind them but he reminded the guys that we've been there before so let's go out and win this first five minutes. In the huddle he was saying things, even when he wasn't in the game. He was the vocal guy today and the guys fed off of that. He played well too."

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