Spring Practice: Tom O'Brien

RALEIGH, NC -- Head coach Tom O'Brien spoke to the media following the Pack's first spring practice of 2010.

Tom O'Brien

"It's the first day – it's all about fundamentals and getting lined up. Without pads everybody looks pretty good so they have to be better Thursday and then we have spring break and then they come back the following week and we start putting pads on – then I think we can start making judgments."

"This will really benefit [Glennon] a lot. He's getting a lot of time to throw; he's getting a lot of attention coaching-wise, he should get better and better every day. It's really important to him."

"[Bible] is gonna come out and do what he can do every day. I think today will be a pretty good indicator to him. He's still in chemotherapy, he gets back in the office at about 11:30 every day. He's part of the plan but what we've done – it's my fault that we got caught flat-footed last year – so we're splitting up more of the things on offense. We anticipate he's going to be here but there's gonna be times where he has to go sit down, which I think he did today."

"I made him get a letter from the doctor saying its okay for him to be out here. I told him I didn't want his wife suing me if something bad happens. The doctor gave him a letter and I think he agrees that this is good for him. As much as he can do, we're going to let him do."

"One thing about being a coordinator or being a head coach is that you understand how difficult it is to be a coordinator or a head coach and I think you are a better assistant because of it. I think [Jon Tenuta] will add a lot of knowledge and experience to that position and to our defense. I think he was excited about being a coach – there is something about having the dot off you too. The bulls eye isn't on your back all the time so you can just go out and coach."

"[Tenuta] better be recruiting. He coached at Georgia Tech for all those years – he knows all the high schools his kids went to high school in the greater Atlanta area so I think he knows all those coaches down there."

"You can tell there is a difference [with Irving back]. I didn't know what to expect but he looks like he hasn't missed anything."

"He's so instinctual – one of the plays we had trouble with last year he read it perfectly. Didn't have to say a word to him, he figures it out. That's of great value."

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