Spring Practice: Nate Irving and Mike Glennon

RALEIGH, NC -- Nate Irving discusses his return to the field and Mike Glennon talks getting all the first-team reps this spring.

Nate Irving

"I can't even put it into words – if I said I was happy it would be an understatement."

"I know I have to knock some of the rust off. Just overall football skills – actually running and getting to the right gap and knowing the plays."

"I just realized sitting out how much I took the game for granted. Just being able to run around and talk to my guys and build relationships with these guys – I took that for granted. But last year after going through my process I just appreciate it so much more for what it is."

"It's a different look [playing inside]. But it's a challenge I want to embrace."

Mike Glennon

"The line, I think four out of five guys are guys that came in with me. The backfield, same situation – we are young but we have experience and we have a lot of potential."

"I have to really take advantage of [the reps]. I've been given an opportunity with Russell not being here to get all the snaps with the ones."

"Just having the guys know that I can be the guy whether or not Russell comes back. Just having them get comfortable with me and me get comfortable with them - the more reps that we can experience."

"We are not really allowed to work with [Dana Bible] too much but it's good to see him out here. He's his normal self and I think he's one of the best quarterback coaches around."

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