Locker Room Report: Sidney Lowe

GREENSBORO, NC -- NC State head coach Sidney Lowe met with the media following the win over Clemson.

Postgame Press Conference

"I thought our guys gave great effort."

"I thought we did a very nice job of executing against a very aggressive defense. I thought we showed excellent patience in really not forcing shots."

"We forced a couple early and learned from that."

"I felt we showed good composure against a lot of pressure. In the halfcourt set we were able to get good shots."

"I thought our defense was good. I thought our defense was solid. We took away some of the things they like to do."

"I thought overall the gameplan was excellent. Our guards, our wings, did a good job for the most part of bothering Booker some inside."

"I know we can. What we've go to do is stay patient like we have the past four or five ballgames. That's why we are shooting better. We're more patient and making teams play defense for a longer period of time instead of taking quick shots."

"Our guys are starting to understand that. I've talked all year about learning how to play, learning how we have to play to win and be effective. I think our perimeter people now understand, they see it, and I think that's the reason we're shooting such a high percentage."

"I think it was a combination of guys never giving up, never quitting. This ballclub has been very resilient, and I've said that all year."

"That's the first thing is they never gave up."

"Taking good shots, being patient, moving the ball. I think we've showed the last four or five ballgames that we're not taking bad shots."

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