AUDIO: NC State Press Conference

GREENSBORO, NC -- Sidney Lowe, Javier Gonzalez, and Scott Wood met the with the media following the Pack's upset win over Florida State.

Postgame Press Conference

"That was another gutsy win by our ballclub. We came out a little slow, but I really think we picked our defense up."

"I think we executed well."

"[Gonzalez] definitely in that second half took control of the ballgame on both ends. He was pressing the ball on defense, causing them problems and forcing them to start their offense out a little further. On the offensive end he made the right reads."

"It's definitely improved. It's something we talked about at the beginning of the year and as the season has gone on, improving defensively."

"I've said it once before, it's the most resilient group I've been around since I've been here."

"They believe in each other and believe in what we're doing."

"He was having trouble with his hip... it happened earlier but I sort of looked away. I was going to let him tell me. I wasn't listening to doc or anyone else at that time."

"Out of a timeout we ran a set and saw something they were doing. Javi and Tracy, they executed perfectly. Tracy slipped it and got a dunk on it. We felt we had to pull them out a little bit to get them away from the basket."

Scott Wood
"I knocked down my first one, and I've shot pretty well in this gym so far this year. Coach just did a great job of calling the right plays, and Javy and Julius and the rest of my teammates did a good job of finding me and setting screens."

"I'm real confident. That's probably one of the main things I do, shoot three's. That's probably what I'll be known for but I'm trying to work on my game and add other aspects to it."

"It's going to be fun playing them again because we had them at their place. We played alright in the first half and let it slip away there in the first ten minutes... it would be definitely nice to come back and try and get that win against them we didn't get the first time."

"It's knocking down shots and having confidence."

"A couple of times they had good defense, but my teammates set good screens."

Javier Gonzalez
"Coach Lowe's been asking me to be a leader on offense, defense and running our team... just trying to make the right plays."

"It was a little sore in the first half, but I think after I got through the first half it felt better in the second half than yesterday."

"It's going to be fun to play them and hopefully we'll win and go to the finals."

"I was going to keep attacking. I noticed that Solomon is kind of slow on his feet so I wanted to attack him and make the other players help so I could find the open man."

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