Cooke struggles but hits the big shot

Nansemond River defeated Granby 63-54 in the first round of the Eastern Region Tournament. TSW has the exclusive story with Marquie's Shot Chart.

Marquie Cooke did not score a basket for the first 34 minutes of the first-round Eastern Region tournament game against Granby. But when he did finally score, it was huge.

With less than two minutes left in the overtime, Marquie drove the lane, where he had been rejected on two previous occasions, and laid the ball in. The ball was placed on the rim ever so softly, and it bounced twice before falling in. The overtime shot gave Nansemond River their first lead since the first half.

While the knock-out punch was provided by Cooke, his teammates carried the Warriors throughout the game. Latron Demial, Fred Spratley, and Alvester Franklin scored 46 points. Cooke finished the game with 7 points which was a season low for the Warrior Point Guard.

Cooke and the Nansemond team may not of shot well (38%) but their hawkish defense was what finally shut down Granby who was 9 of 34 (26.7 percent) in the second half and overtime.

Nansemond River is now 24-2. They will carry their No. 1 ranking to Round two of the Virginia State Championship.

Cooke's stat sheet:

  • Points 7
  • FG 1 for 9 11.1%
  • 2PT 1 for 2 50.0%
  • 3PT 0 for 7 0.0%
  • FT 5 for 8 62.5%
  • Assists 5
  • Rebounds 3
  • Steals 1
  • Turnovers 2
  • Deflections 2
  • Charges Taken 0
  • Fouls 4

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