O'Brien talks Glennon, Irving, Kuhn

RALEIGH -- Tom O'Brien spoke with the media on Tuesday following the Wolfpack's spring practice session. The coach talked about the progression of Mike Glennon, Markus Kuhn and Nate Irving.

"[Mike Glennon] is much more confident. He's grown into the spot that he's in, being the quarterback of the first group. Some of the experience he got last year is pushing him to be better this spring. He's been in some games and came in during those end of game situations."

"It was the funny – the reaction of some of these guys with the ball coming at them now. They are getting there awful quick, they've got to get their heads around. I think he hit [Asa] Watson in the head with the ball on Saturday because he didn't get his head around. It was a great throw – he's putting it where the ball is supposed to be and they are learning that the ball is going to be there and they better be ready for it."

"We tried to get [Markus Kuhn] over there where he could just play football and kind of learn football. Understand what blocking schemes are, what people are trying to do to you so that he would be better suited to play these next two years. Now whether we have accomplished that or not – the proof will come out this fall. That was the intention with us, to let him settle down and learn more about the position and more about himself and go against the good offensive lineman day in and day out.

"[Nate Irving] is not back physically and then with the learning curve he has – getting everybody lined up, making checks here or there and then still playing the position. He's a little tentative but he's happy. He's feeling good, running around, he's trying to return punts – he's just so excited to be out here."

"I have to trust him to let us know that if he's tired he has to get out of there. He took himself out I think the third or fourth practice a little bit but he didn't today."

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