O'Brien: Team Working to Improve

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien spoke with the media as the Wolfpack heads into the second scrimmage of spring practice.

What's been going on in the secondary this week in practice? Have you noticed any major changes?
I don't know. They are back there working hard trying to get better. That's all we're doing as a team, trying to get better.

More specifically, how has Everett Proctor looked at this point in his transition from quarterback to safety?
His head is swimming right now. He's getting a lot more work than he did a week ago so we're going to give him a chance. We put him up where he's a part of the rotation where basically he's the second safety.

Saturday will be big to see if he's made any progress. As I tell them you've been to class two days this week and you take the test on Saturday. We'll see how he does.

How do you feel like Nate's move to middle linebacker has worked out thus far?
He's still learning a lot. It's different in there, and he's got to get a feel for it but the more he's out there and the more he's practicing. I think we're going to cut him back a little bit too, but we have to get him enough reps for him to learn.

What has it been like having nobody to lead in the defensive secondary?
Nobody has stepped up yet. Until you know what you're doing you're not going to be a leader so we're still trying to figure out which way we're going and who's who. We've got a long way to go.

Talk some about Darryl Cato-Bishop and his development this spring.
He's getting a little more comfortable. He's a freshman and this is his first extended period getting coached and being responsible enough to know where they're going and what they are doing. He's a talented young guy but he's learning like a lot of them are.

Talk some about Terrell Manning. Does he look 100 percent to you?
I don't see any difference from where he was last year. The added weight is good for him. Hopefully he can carry it and do a better job with it.

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