Manning, Wolff Talk Spring Football

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State linebacker Terrell Manning and safety Earl Wolff are expected to contribute defensively for the Wolfpack this upcoming season. The sophomores had a chance to talk about spring practice recently with the media.

Sophomore Linebacker Terrell Manning
How have things been going for you? How are you health wise? Is the knee back to 100 percent?

I feel reel good man. I'm getting better every day, the knee is definitely back to 100 percent. I'm just ready to go.

Do you feel like you've got your speed back to what it was before the injury or do you feel like you're still working at it some?
Health wise, yes. As far as speed with the extra weight I've put on I'm still working on it. Definitely just trying to get back to as close as I can speed wise.

How do you feel like things have been going with the defense thus far? A lot of guys have moved around and there are some new faces. How has that gone?
Everything is going good, we're doing a lot of installing right now trying to get people in the right places and trying to get everyone playing fast. Once we get everything straight it's going to be all downhill from there. It will be a lot easier for us.

Are there a lot of changes this year compared with last year or are things fairly similar at this point?
There have been a lot of changes for the good to make the defense work for us. Everything is positive and nothing has been too hard. It's been simplistic.

In the scrimmage you seemed to have a good day. What made that possible?
Just being able to play fast and being able to see stuff. I'm running as fast as I can right now and trying to make plays.

Sophomore Safety Earl Wolff
How have things been going so far for you? Is your head spinning at all?

Right now we're all just trying to stay focused every day and work as a team. It's been going good so far.

What's been the hardest part for the secondary group so far?
We have the same plays but we call them different things now and everybody is still trying to catch on to that. But the veterans on the defense, like me, Brandan Bishop, Rashard Smith and C.J. Wilson, we're kind of used to it now.

Last year it took a while to pick up things but now I can remember things a lot quicker.

Is it funny to think that the four of you are the veterans on the defense?
It is kind of funny because we're all just sophomores on the field but we just have to step up as leaders like the upperclassmen.

Has anyone stepped into that role as the vocal leader?
All four of us try to lead by example but I think I'm trying to help people learn so I'm kind of more of the vocal leader of the group.

How's Everett Proctor looked?
He's looked good. He's still in the learning process. you know changing from quarterback to safety is a big deal. He's kind of big, he's about 220.

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