Lowe Staying Put's Andy Katz spoke with NC State athletics director Lee Fowler about the status of Wolfpack head coach Sidney Lowe. Fowler: Lowe Staying Put

"It started in the coaching circles," NC State athletic director Lee Fowler said. "I've had to tell [signee] Ryan Harrow's mother three times this year that there is nothing to worry about."

If you don't think this kind of negative recruiting goes on every day in college basketball then you're being naive. Lowe has had to deal with this for the past two years and he's hardly alone. And yet credible head coaches believed it to be true Thursday and Friday and were calling each other and media members on the subject.

"They've had me fired about seven times, too," Fowler said. "I put my house on the market because our house is 4200 square feet and our kids are out of the house. That created a firestorm and yet we have a new chancellor here on Monday and there's been no discussion about me. There was no discussion ever about Sidney not being the coach."

Fowler said he has three years left on his contract, which runs through 2013 just like Lowe.

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