O'Brien: 'Guys Made Some Strides'

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media to discuss today's scrimmage.

Tom O'Brien Scrimmage Audio

"Some guys made some strides. I don't think enough of us are making strides but some of the younger kids are taking some steps forward. From the start we talked about how it's about individual improvement – that's the biggest thing we have to work on getting individuals sound and getting them better."

"Once again it comes down to match-ups and they are put in favorable positions to make plays. It's good that they are making plays but sometimes when you get to this point you don't know who you are making them against – well you don't, I do. You'll have to wait till Saturday."

"Dana came back today to call the plays for the first time – he's healthy again. Obviously there is more passing today than when coach O'Brien calls the game which is good because we need to give Michael a chance to throw the ball a little more which he did. A week ago the question was how come Czajkowski kicked so many field goals well it was because the offense couldn't score. In the red zone segment today, Glennon threw some touchdown passes so he got better."

"This is probably as good as I've seen [TJ Graham] go up and catch the football. He made some catches today that he hasn't made – going up and fighting for balls and bringing them down. It's a good sign for him but he has to go and do it again next week, it just can't be a one day thing."

"[Bible] doesn't go till after the spring game. Then he goes back to the original ‘knock you out', goes back to the hospital stuff. He's been through two cycles, still positive, but he has his strength back and it's been a week since he's been on it so we all felt comfortable that he could make it through the scrimmage."

"He'll be on one sideline and Jason will be on the other [on Saturday]. And I'll be on the winning sideline at the end."

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