George Bell talks recruiting

NC State continues to look for great running backs. The Class of 2004 has some real talent. One of the top running backs in the state of North Carolina is Jack Britts' George Bell. TSW caught up with the power house to talk recruiting and to check on his progress in his rehabilitation from a 2002 season ending knee injury.

In an earlier network interview, Jack Britt's head football coach told that NC State was the only team to offer George Bell at this point however if he had not had a season ending knee injury, George would have at least 20 offers to ponder.

While George still has a ways to go to get to 20, he has received his second offer. "Tennessee has offered me now, along with NC State. But the rest are on the way. I expect Michigan to offer anytime. I really like them a lot from what I have heard and seen" said Bell. "I have not been able to visit them like I have NC State, so I guess I would say NC State is my leader. But I have not taken any official visits so it's still early."

We asked George about his early leader and what it was that set them apart. "I have been up there for some games and I know the players. I'm going back up there this weekend for Junior Day. I will tour the campus and facilities and then we are going to the basketball game." Bell told TSW.

Bell's return from his injury has been a long process, full of physical therapy and rehabilitation. We asked the Britt running back what kind of progress he has made toward recovering from the injury. "I had a torn ACL and LCL. I've been healing. I am pretty excited about it with all my physical therapy. I go everyday for about two hours Monday through Friday. I work on stretching and flexing my quads and hamstrings" Bell told TSW. "The Doctors say I am ahead of the game right now and the expect me to be able to play next year. They are not sure about me being ready for the first game, but that is my goal. They don't know my desire. I am not planning to get back on the field until official practice begins then hopefully I will be ready by the first game."

In the meantime, Bell is preparing for the next level by taking care of his academics. "I have a 2.5 and I am going to take the SAT April 5th. I am taking a prep class for the SAT right now. I am planning on graduating early in December so I will be able to enroll in the spring" said George.

NC State's Coach Cignetti is the primary recruiter for Bell.

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