O'Brien: 'I think they played hard'

RALEIGH, NC --Tom O'Brien addressed the media following the annual Kay Yow Spring Football Game on Saturday afternoon.

Tom O'Brien Spring Game Audio

"We only played about 46 scholarship guys today. We had over 20 guys we held out because of injuries – those 20 guys with the exception of a couple should be back by the first of August which was what the intent was – we need to get everybody fixed so we can start the year healthy. If we suffered a little bit in the spring for it so be it but we have to be healthy in the fall. We can't go through another fall like we did last year."

"We'll get together on Monday – that's when I ask everybody who improved and who didn't improve. Then I can tally those things up to know if we did get better or not."

"Leggett did a nice job. He had some opportunities. But once again is it good by him or bad defense. It's something we have to go back and investigate and evaluate. What's good is that he had an opportunity and he took advantage."

"Both Manning and Maddux are both working hard. One of those guys is going to end up playing – maybe both will end up playing. But once again – a couple of guys had an opportunity to play last year maybe before their time but it may help going into this year."

"[Bryan] actually missed half of every practice because he had to leave for class so it was good to see him out there today. He showed some things in the first half why he should be an All-ACC tight end."

"I saw them pick off some passes which was good. We have to continue to do that and work hard. I think we tackled better."

"I don't know if I'm happy with [the secondary], but I'm not dissatisfied with them. I think they played hard."

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