Daily Strut * Saturday

Matt Doherty sets the media straight (and he is right), Jim Herrick is happy to have Dwilk, bubble talk and genefoto has put together a very nice screen saver. An array of activity in this edition of The Daily Strut!

Opportunity knocks for bubble teams
Mike DeCourcy * TSN

Bubble Watch

ACC grew tall after all-time hoops classic
Wendell Barnhouse * Star-Telegram

Burleson Among Greats To Attend 50th Anniversary Gala

Maryland vs. NC State
Gary Hahn * GoPack.com

Download your FREE 2003 NCSU Basketball Screen Saver
Thanks genefoto

Hampton stuns Nansemond River
Larry Rubama * The Virginian-Pilot

Houston Has Early Favorites
Spencer Cagel * The Strutting Wolf

George Bell talks recruiting
Jerry Cornwell * The Strutting Wolf

Cerasoli's versatility draws recruiters
Jerry Cornwell * The Strutting Wolf

USA Today/ESPN Top 25 College Basketball Coaches' Poll

Associated Press Top 25 College Basketball Poll

Doherty may be losing patience
Larry Keech * News & Record

Harrick happy to have Wilkins
Chris Grandstaff * Charlotte Observer

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