AUDIO: Purcell Talks NC State, AD Job

Wolfpack Club Executive Director Bobby Purcell was on 620 AM this morning to talk NC State athletics and the vacant Athletic Director position.

Bobby Purcell Interview

"I can't imagine you get here every morning and get here on time."

"It's big tradition for us, we've been doing this for years."

"Our purpose is to try and get our coaches out with the people, where the fans can get a chance to talk to the coaches, get to know the coaches, spend time with the coaches, and not just have a distanced relationship."

"This is very, very important to us and to our people who come to the caravans."

"When you get a kid one-on-one with a coach, that kid is hooked for life."

"We have the most passionate, loyal fans that I think anybody can have."

"They've really contributed a lot get our facilities going and put things in place, and we want them to get a return on their investment."

"They are making a significant commitment. They deserve to have the kind of program they want."

"We're very, very blessed."

"Elliot stands for the right things... Elliot has that passion for NC State. Sometimes he gets very animated, but I love that because he has that passion."

"It's kind of always been my career goal to be the AD here at NC State, and it's my passion. I understand... I know that guy sitting on the 10-yard line at Carter-Finley, I know what he feels like."

"I remember when we were winning championships, and that's where we've got to get it back to."

"We've got to get it back to where NC State belongs."

"Yes, it is a job that I would very much like to be considered for."

"I really want to take this time to thank Lee Fowler for some of the things he did. I think some good things are getting ready to happen, and Lee should get some credit for those things as well as we move forward."

"We want our fans to feel represented."

"When the end of the day comes around we're all NC State."

"We cannot spend any funds without the approval of the athletic director, and that's a good rule."

"With the recruiting class that coach Lowe has signed and will be bringing in.. the interest level is extremely high."

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