TBJ: New Leader of Wolfpack Nation

The Triangle Business Journal ran a great feature on new NC State chancellor Randy Woodson. In the article Woodson discusses how intercollegiate athletics is an avenue to enhance a university's brand.

Triangle Business Journal: New Leader of Wolfpack Nation

Reminded that two of his predecessors, Marye Anne Fox and James Oblinger, made the same points during their tenures, Woodson responded, "Both Marye Anne Fox and Jim Oblinger had significant impacts on N.C. State. The best way to say it is that it hasn't fully realized its potential."

On his first day in office on the Raleigh campus, Woodson dressed appropriately – a gray suit and a red Wolfpack tie. He's fully aware of the meaning of the color "Carolina blue," and he says he's also aware of the feelings of Wolfpack Nation toward their rivals in Chapel Hill, both athletically and academically.

Has he sensed any feelings of inferiority at NCSU regarding UNC, or are the feelings healthy?

"I'm not going to speculate on how people feel here now," he says. "Having said that, it's clear that Chapel Hill has a national reputation for excellence, both academically and athletically. I think a bit of what we work on at N.C. State is making sure people have a clear sense of what N.C. State means to this state.

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