Harrow Reflects on Official Visit

Marietta (GA) Walton point guard Ryan Harrow committed to NC State back in 2008, but he wasn't able to take his official visit until this past weekend.

Marietta (GA) Walton point guard Ryan Harrow committed to NC State back in 2008, but he wasn't able to take his official visit until this past weekend.

"I had a lot of fun," said Harrow. "We got to play a lot of ball and hang out with the team. I had a great time up at State... I can't wait to get there.

"The food was good. Everywhere we ate was real good. I probably gained about 10 pounds for as much as I ate."

NC State's other two Class of 2010 signees, C.J. Leslie and Lorenzo Brown, were also taking their officials visits at the same time as Harrow. Having the trio on campus, along with the returning players from last year's team, led to some high-intensity pickup games in the Dail Center.

"Man we had a lot of fun playing," said Harrow. "It showed me that we'll have a lot of pieces next year. I thought me, Lorenzo, and C.J. played real good. Tracy did too, and Scott was knocking down a bunch of shots. Jordan and C.J. [Williams]... all of us were making plays.

"The first four or five games Johnny Thomas was killing it. He was playing with Lorenzo, Scott, Jordan, and Josh. I always knew Johnny was that good because we played against him when I was at Cannon School... he was killing it those first few games."

Another player who impressed Harrow was rising sophomore wing Scott Wood.

"You can't leave Scott open," said Harrow. "He's going to knock down all those shots if he's open at all. I think it's going to be even easier for him next year to get those shots with all of us penetrating. His guy will have to help down on us, and if he doesn't then we'll be scoring."

Harrow also had a chance to not only check out the Wolfpack's basketball facilities but also the dorm rooms and meet with academic officials.

"I like that we're staying in the College Inn," he said. "I was real nice. The thing I probably liked the most was finding out that they are going to have tutors for us. Study hall is required so we can get as much help as we'll need our first year.

"It just shows how great NC State fans are."

"I didn't know about that going into the visit. I feel like with that kind of academic support I won't have to worry about school too much because the tutors and academic staff is going to stay on top of me when it comes to my school work."

The weekend trip was Harrow's second visit to Raleigh in a week's time as he came up last Tuesday to attend C.J. Leslie's signing ceremony at Sammy's Grill.

"I thought that was a good event," he said. "All the fans came out there to support him... it was crazy. It just shows how great NC State fans are."

The Wolfpack fans also recognized Harrow when he entered the venue as he drew one of the loudest ovations.

"I guess it shows that I'm like a fan favorite," he said, laughing. "At least that's what all the fans on Facebook say... they like my game, how I play."

Harrow again stated that he projects as a full qualifier. His graduation from Walton is set for May 21st and he'll be leaving for Raleigh shortly afterwards. In fact, his mother is in the process of moving to Raleigh so she can follow his college career.

"Yes, my mom's moving to Raleigh," he said. "My sister and her family already lives there so my mom's moving into the same house with them.

"That's always good, to have your family around. I think everybody pretty much knows that I'm a momma's boy so you know I'm happy about it... knowing she'll be right there with me and can go to all my games.

"I think I'm moving to Raleigh around June 1st. I know we're supposed to definitely be back by June [30th] because they told us that our first day of summer school is [July 1st]."

Harrow is rated a five-star prospect by Scout.com, and he is the No. 25 player overall in the 2010 class.

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