AUDIO: Wilson Discusses MLB Draft Selection

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior Russell Wilson fielded questions from the media today after the Colorado Rockies selected him in the fourth round of the 2010 Major League Baseball First Year Player Draft.

Russell Wilson Teleconference

Opening Statement:
I got drafted by the Colorado Rockies in the fourth round. I'm pretty excited about it. It's truly a blessing for me. I've been working hard my whole life to be in this situation now and I'm looking forward to getting out there for the Rockies, but I also plan on coming back this fall and playing football for NC State.

What were your initial thoughts?
I was definitely excited... I've been talking to several different teams. The Rockies really liked me and I thought they chose me in the right spot.

What did you think about when you might sign? Have you discussed with the Rockies?
I'm not really worried about that right now... we'll kind of figure that out down the road.

How definite are you about coming back and playing quarterback at NC State?
It's as definitive as can be. I'm really excited about it. Right now I've said it's a blessing to have the opportunity to play baseball and be drafted in the fourth round by the Colorado Rockies, but I also want to come back and win an ACC championship with the football team. I want to throw a lot of touchdowns so I'm excited about it and I can't wait.

Have you talked to coach O'Brien and what was his reaction?
Coach O'Brien is really excited for me. He understands that I've been playing baseball my whole life, and I've also been playing football my whole life. He knows that I love football and I love NC State. It's a great place for me.

He's a great guy and I really appreciate him and everything he's done for me at NC State. He's really excited for me and the opportunity.

Do you intend to play baseball this summer and then play football in the fall?
I full intentions of playing baseball this summer and I have intentions of playing football this fall. I'm excited to compete for an ACC championship.

Any idea when you expect to start playing baseball?
I haven't talked to them about that yet.

What's the timeline? When do you want to get back here and play football?
I'm going to go out to Colorado, get out there and meet everybody... as this summer season goes on, I know fall camp starts August 3rd. I haven't talked to the Rockies and I haven't got into deep conversations with Coach O'Brien about that either, but we'll figure it out.

Do you think they are going to let you play football?
That's all between me and the Colorado Rockies but yeah, it's all going to work out fine. I'm not really worried about it. I can't wait to get out there.

Does that mean you'll only play one more year of football?
I haven't got into that yet... I just got drafted... the Lorid is going to let me know when the right time is to continue football in the NFL or continue baseball into the Major Leagues or even do both. I can't worry about that right now. I want to be the best in everything I do.

Thoughts on preparing for football over the summer:
I'll be working out wherever I am like I did this past summer, getting my arm ready... I'll be ready to go no matter what. I'm going to put myself in the best position to be successful... and that's what I"m going to do.

Are you prepared to only play for the Rockies or only play for NC State if it comes to that and have you stated to the Rockies your intentions to play both?
They know my situation. They know that I play football and baseball and they know I love football. They like me and they want me as a baseball player, but they also know my football status.

We've talked and we're going to continue to talk and figure this thing out. I'm just excited to be drafted by the organization. It's a great team to play for.

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