NBA Camp: Player Evaluations

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA -- Several notable Wolfpack targets participated in the recent NBA Camp, and here's a look at how they fared.

Pack Pride NBA Camp Evaluations

Raleigh (NC) Word of God Center Joseph Uchebo (2011)
"Uchebo was very impressive during the tournament portion of the camp, doing a number on the glass and playing with a high motor. He can score from in and around the hoop with either hand and gets a lot of his offense from putbacks.

"Defensively he can usually hold his own against the opposing team's top big man and not require the use of a help defender. Athletically he moves well but plays a bit below the rim on the offensive end. When he has time to gather himself, he will usually finish with a dunk.

"There are also times when Joseph takes rebounds and starts dribbling himself on a break rather than pass it off to a guard. He also needs to keep his emotions in check. Being emotional is not a bad thing, but with Uchebo he can get a little too upset over a call or something bad happening to him and let it affect his game."

Forsyth Country Day (NC) Point Guard Tyler Lewis (2012)
"Tyler doesn't pass the classic look test for a high-major point guard, but he can really play. He has a very high basketball IQ and it benefits him in every area of the game.

"On the offensive end, Tyler has a good handle and has excellent floor vision that allows him to scan the floor and set up his teammates for open looks. He can set up his teammates off an initial pass or by driving and finding a teammate as the defense collapses. His ability to pass one-handed with either hand allows for an extra split-second for his teammate to get the pass and make a move.

"While he is a pass-first guard, Tyler will burn the defense with a three-pointer if left open and is also not afraid to take runners and floaters as he drives the lane. He utilizes screens to his advantage most of the time but can sometimes get caught up in a trap if he isn't quick enough.

"Foot speed will also be a question on the defensive end as Tyler doesn't have the height or length to be a lockdown defender. Overall, a promising weekend for the 2012 point guard."

High Point (NC) Westchester Academy Wing Deuce Bello (2011)
"Deuce is an incredible athlete with a jaw-dropping vertical. But what makes him most appealing is his emerging skill set. While his ball handling and jumper still need some work, you can tell Deuce has put in a lot of time to become better at those things. He is quick enough to beat a lot of guys off the dribble with his first step and also gets a good enough lift on his jumper to shoot over defenders before they close out.

"When he does get to the rim, watch out! Deuce throws down ferocious dunks with the best of them and when a defender is present he will use an array of creative moves in the air to finish.

"Defensively he is long enough and quick enough to guard most wings. He doesn't gamble too much and generally does a solid job."

Meridian (MS) Wing Rodney Hood (2011)
"Hood emerged from the camp as a versatile wing scorer with great size. Hood has great size (6'6, maybe 6'7) and has an offensive game that most at that size can't compare to.

"The lefty has a solid perimeter stroke that is a little flat, but falls at a pretty consistent rate. He will also take it to the rim off the bounce and finish through contact or pull up with a mid-range jumper. His floater in the lane is also a solid move that he used a couple of times in the event.

"Defensively he can guard smaller forwards or bigger guards because of his length and athleticism. He will also contribute on the glass from time-to-time as well."

Chatham (VA) Hargrave Military Academy Wing Dezmine Wells (2011)
"Dezmine is nearly impossible to stop in the open floor and made a killing getting to the rim off of transition opportunities. He is definitely more suited for an up-and-down tempo because his athletic and aggressive style of play. He is another high-flyer and acrobatic finisher that scores most of his buckets within 10 feet of the hoop.

"His jumper is improved, but Wells still seems to prefer to shoot all of his shots within a close radius. He knocked down a couple of mid-range jumpers and had good enough form to improve his range if he works at it.

"Wells is also a good ball-handler that stays low to the ground, enabling him to split defenders and get out on the break.

"Defensively he will go for steals, stay tight on his man and occasionally gamble, but usually recover in time to not let it be an issue."

Raleigh (NC) Upper Room Guard Rodney Purvis (2013)
"I only got to see Purvis play for a game, but offensively he is very impressive for a young player. This 2013 guard is definitely scoring-minded and might be best suited in a two-guard or combo guard role.

"He is very athletic already and looks to finish above the rim, while also scoring from the perimeter or the mid-range. He is at his best attacking the basket and finishing himself or setting up teammates. Purvis has a very bright future."

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