Barber Nearing a Decision?

Pack Pride has the latest on Mocksville (NC) Davie County linebacker Jared Barber after his recent visit to West Virginia.

Mocksville (NC) Davie County linebacker Jared Barber is hoping to make a decision by the end of July and three schools are still under consideration.

West Virginia, NC State and Wake Forest are the three schools that Barber is still thinking about attending, though they aren't all even at this point.

"West Virginia's out front and NC State's right behind them," Barber said. "Wake Forest's right behind NC State. It's a close race for second and West Virginia's got the edge right now. I keep on learning more things about NC State and Wake Forest every day though, so it's gonna be a tough decision. My decision will definitely be before the end of the month."

Davie County has a team camp at Catawba from July 24-28 and shortly after, from July 30-31, Barber will be at West Virginia once again. It was his last trip to WVU that put the Mountaineers out front. Barber has family in Kentucky that would be able to watch him play if he attended West Virginia, and that's one factor working in their favor.

"When I rode into Morgantown from the start it was like I knew those guys forever," he explained. "I could be myself and joke around without being all uptight. Of course, I still used, 'Yes sir,' and 'No sir,' but you didn't feel like you had to. You just respect them (the coaches) and it's pretty good. That's one thing that really stood out to me. It seems like a place where you can grow as a person and become a man while playing for a great university and an awesome fan base. That definitely opened my eyes up.

"That was my first time (visiting) West Virginia. I was there when I was little, but that wasn't a recruiting trip."

Barber has been to NC State and Wake Forest much more than he has been to West Virginia in the past, so if the Pack or Deacons are able to overtake the Mountaineers it won't be because Barber becomes more familiar with either of the schools than he already is.

"I've been to each university several times with Wake being a twenty-minute drive from the house and State a two-hour drive," he explained. "Probably the biggest thing will be just being around the guys and the coaches, and just becoming more comfortable with the staff. It's not about the facilities or the looks. It's more personal."

Barber said he will not be visiting any new schools this summer. He had the opportunity to camp at plenty of other programs but said he was satisfied with his three major options and did not want to spend more of his time on the road than he needed to. He is rated a three-star prospect and the No. 31 middle linebacker in the nation by

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