ACC Football Kickoff: Nate Irving

GREENSBORO, NC -- Nate Irving spoke with the media on Sunday during the ACC Football Kickoff, covering topics ranging from his comeback to social media's impact on the game.

Nate Irving audio (21:45)

"Our first meeting with coach Tenuta, we can in laughing and joking and he said ‘the laughing stops now'. I was like okay, this is coach Tenuta. We have to make that adjustment. He introduced himself and got straight down to business."

"As a linebacker I would watch [my unit] the most and I watched them grow and mature. From freshman year coming in, especially Terrell, not knowing where to go or what to do. To see him make plays like he did, I was happy for them. I think our whole team can take that step."

"I think we are going to blitz the quarterback more and I think our run defense is going to improve so much [under Tenuta]."

"[My first time back], I felt like a little kid that they just took to Toys-R-Us and told he could get anything in the store, I was overjoyed. I was just running around and yelling."

"You never know when something is going to be taken away, you never know if you'll have a chance to do that thing again."

"I think about [the accident] every day. About where I am and how it changed me as a person. It made me appreciate everything, even the smallest things and not take them for granted. I could have made better decisions that night."

"[Taking money from agents] is like smoking a cigarette. People know its not good for them but they think they can stop before it hurts them."

"If I don't have the number saved in my phone, I don't answer it. I don't want anybody to know who I am. If you call my phone and I don't know you, leave a message. That's just the way I am, and then with the agent thing it helps that too. I don't have to worry about it."

"I think we are [compensated]. We get a free education, we get a chance to experience what a lot of people don't get. But if people want to start paying, but if they wanted to start paying me I'd be okay with that too."

"You have to be careful about what you do and who you do it with. You can get anything on camera now and you can record just about anything and put it on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter. You just have to be careful. [Coaches] tell us that people are always watching and if you want to have one of those sites be careful about the information you put up, the pictures you put – you aren't just representing yourself you're representing the team and also the University. It's bigger than you."

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