ACC Football Kickoff: Owen Spencer

GREENSBORO, NC -- Owen Spencer sat with the media on Sunday afternoon, talking about his relationship with Russell Wilson and the potency of the Wolfpack offense this season.

Owen Spencer audio (22:46)

"I'm really hoping we can catch a break with the injuries. A healthy team is a good team."

"Injuries always happen, we can't prepare for them we can only hope they don't come. This year hopefully we can turn the tables around and have a predominately healthy team."

"I talked to Russell a couple of days ago, he's doing real well over in Oregon. The process was real bittersweet for him, with the passing of his dad around the same time. At least he got to see him on his best day of his life, him getting drafted. With him coming back we'll have something to look forward to."

"I think he'll have to be cautionary, only he knows what he can do. But he'll still be coach Bible, he'll still act the same. There may be some things that he's prohibited from doing and he'll tell us that, he's a straight up guy. He's back and that's all we want."

"I'm really excited about having an opportunity – hopefully I can stay healthy and help lead our team to victory. That will look good in everybody's books [for the NFL]."

"Having him back is tremendous. He had an amazing spring, he made a lot of plays. I don't think he lost a step, he might have gotten faster. I'm excited for him and excited for the defense."

"I was a little worried [about Russell returning]. But that's why we took reps with Mike Glennon, but with him coming back its big. As soon as he gets back we are going to have to get to work."

"I get asked that every day. The last pass was the touchdown against North Carolina. We've done this once before. We just have to dust it off and grease it up a little bit more. This year is the year that it counts more than anything. We know what to expect when he comes back."

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