ACC Football Kickoff: Tom O'Brien

GREENSBORO, NC -- Tom O'Brien addressed the media on Monday afternoon during the ACC Football Kickoff, covering a range of topics from

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"Rashard had surgery last week. He had basically the Toney Baker surgery. He'll be out for a year. When you think of all the young kids we played back there and you already know Jarvis Byrd is out till at least November because of his injury. You played five freshman back there last year and you've already lost two of them, that's a tough thing for us."

"Byers has played corner for us, we are gonna play him at corner. CJ Wilson is back, he started last year. Gary Grant played some last year, he's growing up and should play. Dean Haynes played corner in the spring too. Those four guys and then certainly some of the freshman will be in the mix."

"The thing that Nate does is he finishes plays. He's always been a finisher. A lot of guys read plays, they see things and they get there and then they like inspect the body once they get there. That's not Nate. He goes there and makes the play. He's gotten us off the field in a lot of crucial situations when he has played."

"You talk about living every day like its your last but now you have the example of two guys – one coach and one player – that were to that possible last day."

"We have to win. That shows progress, winning. That's what we haven't been able to do."

"We gotta have a winning season and go to a bowl game. After my first three years at BC there is no difference in the total number of wins the only difference is that I won four games, four games then eight games. That's a little different than 5-6-5."

"Last week [Russell] was obviously bored – he was on a seven hour bus ride to Boise and he was texting back and forth all afternoon. Obviously he didn't have anything to do but he was excited about coming back and had been talking with Owen and Jarvis and was looking forward to getting back this Sunday."

"Singer and Bennett have both, because of personal reasons, withdrawn their applications. That's an individual decision on their part and I don't feel comfortable saying why, when or what."

"[Bible] went out to camp, and I said ‘Go sit in the tower' but he just couldn't do that so he's down there hollering at the quarterbacks and I said ‘What are you doing?' and he said ‘Yeah that was pretty stupid'."

"He's gotta understand that there are times when he's gonna feel good and be able to do things out there and there are times when he can't. He gets stronger each and every day, its a process for him. I have to trust him to help us make the right decisions about how he's going to get through preseason camp."

"He's done so much in the 10 years that he's been around, he's got to give up some of it and let the assistant coaches do some of it. The game-planning, scripting and practice and everything else so we aren't caught flat-footed."

"Mike Glennon is gonna push Russell for the starting job, that's what his job is. One of the things that was a benefit for Russell not being there was all the reps Mike got in spring practice. He got better. We don't know how rusty Russell is gonna be when he gets back. He hasn't played football since he put the ball down the last weekend in November last year."

"[Spencer] has grown as a player and maturity-wise. He's sneaky fast, he runs by guys all the time. You would think they would look at the tape and say ‘Don't let these guys run by you', but he does. Obviously he gets up on you pretty quick. I think he understands where he's going and he wants to have a career at the next level and that means he's going to have to catch a lot of footballs this year."

"Certainly [Tenuta] brings a lot of wealth and knowledge of how to pressure. We can take advantage of it, I think that'll play itself out this year to help us. Certainly he brings an attitude. The way he approaches the game and coaches the game, there's something about the way he coaches and the way he feels the game has to be played.

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