Fall Camp, Day 1: Tom O'Brien

NC State started its fall camp on Tuesday afternoon with its first practice session. Tom O'Brien spoke with the media following the practice about expectations on the first day.

Tom O'Brien audio

"Obviously [EJ Carter] is a transfer from Syracuse. He contacted us, we evaluated him and thought he would be a good take for us. Once he gets cleared for everything he might make it out to the field."

"He's played college football, he's actually played very well with a limited amount of time as a freshman, he made the All Big East team. He played very well in teh last three games and he's the type of linebacker we want to have in our program."

"We'll see what type of leadership we get out of them. I think we made a good choice in captains. You want to focus on Russell and Nate but I think Jarvis has more potential than the two of them anyways. The kids made a good choice and we'll see how it goes."

"We don't have any No. 1 [at cornerback] right now. We have a long way to go, they'll be a lot of switching around. We'll have a No. 1 by Western Carolina, so [Dean Hayes] has an opportunity right now. He's running with the 1st team, but that may change in two days."

"Nate looks like he's better than he was in the spring. He's still working his way through, it was a month ago that he first saw the doctor and the doctor told him he didn't have to come back."

"I think he's adjusted well [to playing inside]. You look out there and its Nate – he's got instincts, knows where he's supposed to be. Keep him healthy and he'll be a great addition to the defense."

[Rieskamp] is as important to the defense right now as Nate is – he was happy to be out there. To see him leading things and being the first in line and everything so if we can get him through practice and get him playing it would be another addition that we missed last year."

"We brought [Amerson] in to be a corner so he's gonna play some there. We'll see how it all shakes out by the time we play Western Carolina."

"The ball wasn't on the ground, everybody stayed on side. As the trainer said, no one got hurt today – so that's a first. We'll go to day two, see if we can repeat it."

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