Camp Q&A: David Akinniyi

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Defensive end David Akinniyi enrolled at NC State in January and is working his way up the depth chart.

Senior defensive end David Akinniyi discusses how much he has progressed and how he ended up at NC State in this exclusive Q&A with Pack Pride.

What's the last year been like for you?
It's been different for sure, but I thank God that I was able to get another opportunity to play football. I feel blessed and it's been good so far.

How much different is the weather here compared with what you were used to in fall camp at Northeastern? Maybe a little cooler up there?
It was a lot cooler but I don't miss it at all. This is great.

Thinking back to when you found out about what was happening at Northeastern last fall, at what point did you start thinking about NC State as an option?
Coach Petercuskie called me and said they might be interested and I looked on the web site and checked out the position situation and everything and I realized there were two seniors leaving so I felt it was a good opportunity and it was a Division 1-A school so overall it was the best option for me.

What was your family's reaction to your decision to come to Raleigh?
They didn't want me to go any certain place but they were excited and happy about the whole situation. They felt like it was a blessing in disguise that this happened like it did.

How have things been in Raleigh so far? Obviously you got here in January, but what have things been like?
It's been good. The team comes out here and works hard every day. I can't complain about anything.

You've been working with the first team in practice, how has that been to this point?
I feel like I'm getting adjusted. There are some things here or there where I'll make a mistake not understanding everything but with time and practice I'll get even better adjusted to what's going on.

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