Camp Q&A: Audie Cole

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State junior linebacker Audie Cole improved gained experience last season in his first year as a starter. Pack Pride caught up with Cole recently to discuss the upcoming season.

What's it like to get back into the routine of fall practice
It's good to be back out here, seems like it's been awhile since we've all been out. But we've picked up where we left off; we are at a lot better place right now than we are last year.

In what areas do you see that improvement?
We are all just a year older, we are seeing things faster. Seeing formations, reacting to the offense. Nothing specific, just most people have a little more experience.

Is it good to have Nate Irving back with you guys this fall?
It's great having him back out here. As a player and just as a leader on the team, people look up to him. It's good to have him back around.

Talk about what playing so much last year did for you.
Last year was the first year I really played a lot. We are still all learning but just from playing last year we are already a lot further ahead than where we were last year.

Did things slow down for you as the year progressed?
As the year went on things got easier. You understand things, you see things faster. Now we just need to be better than we were last year.

How much does last year stick with you?
Right now I don't really think about last year, but it's embarrassing ending up like that. All year you hear about it and it's not something you want to hear. We want to be proud of the year we have and be proud of this season. You just have to think about what's ahead of us.

What's it like having Tenuta as a coach?
He's taught us some things about formations and schemes that we didn't know. I think we've progressed a lot with him. He's simplified a lot of things for us – the game has seemed to get easier. I don't know if that's because of him or because of us being older and more experienced.

He's vocal but we have a good time with him.

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