VIDEO: O'Brien on Practice Change, Scrimmage

RALEIGH, N.C. -- NC State head coach Tom O'Brien met with the media following the first scrimmage of fall practice.

"Those are all things, you're allowed to make that one mistake but you can't do it again. The guys that made mistakes today, hopefully they learned from it and we won't repeat it when we go back out there on Friday."

"He was going to have that opportunity. I hope all of them can get in the mix and all of them can play for us. It was a tough situation. It was a good play, a good hit, and his knee went out on him."

"A lot of [running backs] got work today. We especially wanted to look at the two freshmen to see what they were capable of – to see if there was any natural ability there, natural instincts. And to see what their toughness factor was. See if they can take a punch and get back up."

"I think we're further [in the secondary] than we were at this time a year ago but we still have a lot of work to do and that's got to be the focus going forward."

"You come off the field on Thursday morning and there's at least 48 hours before the game. You feel like you're a much fresher football team from Thursday on."

"I think Russell was the one as a freshman, he asked if he got gas money for all the times he came back and forth."

"I think it will help us better with our academics and class, everything else. By 11 or noon they'll be done here, they'll go back to campus, can go be students, get all their work done, and be finished with football for the day."

"Just trying to help us be better at that plus be better coaches and be fresher... it gets you out in recruiting if you want to leave Thursday instead of guys running off the field Thursday night trying to make airplanes and doing all those kind of things."

"We're going to practice practicing to make sure when gameweek starts we'll be ready to go."

"We lost Jesse Riley this week with a knee injury. He's the only one at this time; he'll miss the year with an ACL. He's a walk-on who played a bit for us last year – he got it yesterday morning in practice."

"[Russell Wilson] is still a little bit off. It's going to take some time, he's still turning two – so we have to get him out of that mode and get him throwing the ball but luckily we still have 3-4 weeks before we have to play a game."

"The focus wasn't on throwing the ball or seeing what Russell could do – that will come as we go forward in the next scrimmage."

"When the freshman group got in there I said ‘These guys are going to be good someday, just not today.' When they grow up they'll be fine but today's not their day. So we have to try to make them better. We tried to put some of the freshman in to see exactly what they have absorbed. We gave them a little more time to see if any of them will be able to help us."

"I didn't play Nate today and I'm not going to play him until probably the third scrimmage. He scrimmaged during the spring so he's over the hump that way, right now the thing I have to do is practice and catch him up. We have to get him some scrimmage time but we have to get him to the first game and make sure he's healthy to get through a whole season. With the emphasis of what we were doing today it didn't seem like a good idea to play him at all."

"We just did 12-play sequences; we just tried to get guys a certain number of plays. The first two groups probably got between 20 and 25 and the third group probably got about 15 [snaps]."

"We jumped offside a couple of times which is disturbing. That has to be rectified. The ball was on the ground once or twice which is once or twice too many."

"There is a good battle going on – there is a lot of experience at wide receiver and as we spend more time throwing the ball [the secondary] is going to be more involved and there is going to be a great amount of competition between the secondary and the wide receivers."

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