Camp Q&A: Cameron Wentz

RALEIGH, NC -- Behind the quarterback, no player on the field handles the ball more than the center. Sophomore Cameron Wentz is hoping to take control of that role this year for the Pack.

You played some games as a true freshman last season, how valuable was that experience?
"I think it was very valuable. When you come in you can get rid of all your angst, get all the jitters out. It would be a little more nerve-racking for coaches and fans if this was my first game stepping onto the field this year."

How is the offensive line coming together as a unit this fall?
"The five of us have grown pretty close together, we've grown pretty confident as a unit. We are close off the field and I think that helps when you get on the field because you kind of have a different way of communicating. We trust each other and we have each other's back on the field - if someone makes a mistake there is someone right behind him to clean up his mistake."

Before snapping the ball, what is your role when you get up to the line and get in your stance?
"When I get up to the line I make some calls, I get us going in the right direction and everything. But everyone on the offensive line is looking, they are picking things out and if they see something they're gonna speak up and say something."

With Russell Wilson being away for so long with baseball, how long did it take to get back into a rhythm with him?
"Not very long - the first day we got out here a little early and took some snaps before we started and that's all we've needed. Snapping to different quarterbacks isn't very different, sometimes they have a little different hand placement but it's pretty much the same. One's a lot taller than the other but they're chest is still relatively in the same area."

Talk about what you learned backing up Ted Larsen.
"He was dedicated to the game and he knew how to get better, he showed me how to do it right. Even when he's been back to work-out here we go out and snap together, look at each other's snaps and see where they are and how we could fix them."

Do you expect the offense to pick up where it left off last season?
"That's the plan and I think we are working pretty hard to get that way. Everyone is on the same page right now so I don't see why it's not going to pick up and keep going and be better."

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